Oh Gosh Mr You Sure My Data Is Secure?

There is a shop in town its called CEX you go there you can buy or sell all things electronic ,games ,computers, hard drives iphone, ipods and so on.
they give you store credit or cash but if you chose cash you get less for the stuff you trade in.

So you go to sell a item there they promise the people that they make sure the data on their items will be security deleted.
Their idea of securly delted is a quick simple format.

Now anyone in the trade knows that your data can be recovered.
So today i wanted a ipod nano i was like £40 short on buying a new one so i went in there and i brought a second hand one
and there was no music on it "they wipe it before they sell" so that all music and data is gone
however instead of enabling the ipod as a storage drive and using a good wipe program to target media files they just did a simple format.

So i plugged it up enabled the ipod as a disk drive and scanned it with file recovery and i got 4.4 gig 1500 music files 100 photos and notes including some phone numbers and other personal info for face book which some silly girl stored on the nano.

here is one photo its rude so i blurred out bits.

I know if this way me i would not want my photos like these to be recoverable.

This was just from a ipod. They sell 120gig hard drives which have just been format  /F
and a persons life is on that hard drive from stored photos to emails to god knows what else. I plan on buying these hard drives since they are so cheap and recovering what is on them.

Since you own the item and it has data on it surely you own that data by law since you purchased the item?.

Who knows but hey if i was cruel i would post all the photos on facebook but i dont want that.

most people take their computers down the dump at the weekend for the council to take away and they end up in india with a persons online activities still on them.

I am sure to that some people dump their computers if they have used them to commit a crime.

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lol your the l337

You are completely right. Over here a state attorney put his desktop on the street next to his other "garbage". A bright kid came by, thought the desktop to have some items he still liked and all kind of secrets regarding important criminal cases became public. The suspects went free. His is "promoted". :(<br />

Why don't people just format their devices themselves? it's not that hard. Children under the age of six have done it (intentionally).