I Hack.

i hackey sack. with my feet and bean bag. that is much better than internet piracy. much more peaceful and fulfililng.
sicandra sicandra
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5 Responses Mar 20, 2007

whst ur Ym Id...lets talk mine is .(sp_slim)...see yeah..

I found in the past that kicking around a hacky sack was great for my knees.

You're a ***!

there's a difference between hacking and piracy, thank you.<br />
<br />
True hackers look down on the wannabees who hack to be destructive.<br />
Hackers hack because it's challenging, because they're driven.<br />
There's nothing wrong with hackers. I know at least 3 awesome ones, and am dating the 1337est (I'm sorry, 1337357 looks too weird) of them all.

I would say so to, lol.