Me And My Girl Best Friend Had Sex At Age 13

Well, I invited her over cause it was summer vacation, and her mom agreed. So she got dropped off at my house. Only my older sister was there, then she left to a party with her friends. So we were home alone. I asked her if she wanted to watch t/v. She said "sure." and smiled. So when it was a commercial i asked if she wanted to play truth or dare since there was nothing on t/v. She excitedly said "Yes!" so she went first, she asked me and I said "DARE!!!" She started to think.... then she said "hmmm....okay, I dare you to take me to your room." So I confusedly said "oh..okay." with a smile. So I took her to my room. She laid on my bed. Then she told me to close the door. So I did. Then she started to put her hands under her shirt, then took it off. Then, I started to get horny. She saw that I was, and she came over and kissed me. I kissed her back. Then I undressed her. FULLY. Then I started to take my clothes off, and we were then both fully undressed. She then ate me out. Then I ate her out. She started to play with my boobs, and finger me, I hit the hugest climax. Then I did the same to her, only, we were in the shower. Then we went back to my bed. We started to scissor. We did that until we both started squirting. We ****** and ****** and ****** for 3 hours straight. Then We fingered each other 1 hour each. Then we kissed and touched each other for another 30 minutes, Then we fingered each other again and looked at some of my dad's **** movies, We got really horny and did every thing all over again, but hotter and dirtier, then we kissed, put on our clothes, and went outside. There, she fingered me again, and I did the same to her, then we played with each others boobs, and kissed all over the place, She ate me out, after I ate her out, and then we went inside. We fingered each other all over again at the same time, until we came. Then we heard her moms car, We kissed, and touched, until her mom came and knocked at the door. So we kissed and she left. We now do this every time she comes over. It always gets hotter every time.
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I did this with my best friend to but we where drunk how do you guys not feel awkward after

Maybe we could

wow I'm 13 and really horny?? btw I'm a female

This made me so fucken hard I wish I could watched you both

Same bro

I got hard reading this
Btw im 14

Why are you reading this?
And why do we need your age?
I have a feeling I know whu

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I wanna see a video and join along

me too

i want to see you both in action

Awesome that u two are close enough to do that i wish me and my friend were that close

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Thank you guys for all the responses (especially you littleandwise and gummbears8) I will continue sharing my erotic happenings. 😉

I need this in my life

Well... U got luckier than I ever will! ;)

i would have love to see that ***** of your in action and ******* it would have been nice to see, thanks for sharing, good stuff.

This story is bullshit lol nice try tho

Wow! Im really horny now! **** YEAH!

scissoring is really sucking hard. bullshit story

Wow that is very hot, i'm 13 (female) too maybe we could have a *********? ;]

im 12 we could do *********?

Oh what I'd do to sext with you.

Btw im 14

I got a ***** reading this



Right, so this session last how long exactly? Bullshit.

Seriosly hot.

I had sex with my bff 2.I love it.

i want to try you

Nice hope her mom dosent find out ;)