Caged & Marked By Beautiful Superior Wife

As always, i was wearing my "Curve" male chastity tube that keeps my manhhod locked up 24/7 unless my BEAUTIFUL WIFE wants it out.  SHE was checking my tube to make sure it was locked in place right before i left for work, but SHE said since i had to work late tonight, that SHE needed to add something to me before i left for work.

SHE walked away with that AWESOME *** swinging and came back with a red permanent marker.  SHE wrote across my chest, stomach, and groin the following:  "PROPERTY OF GODDESS JAMIE", "JAMIE'S *****", "JAMIE'S ONLY" right above my **** with an arrow point to my **** in my chastity tube,

my **** was straining at its confines as it was making me very horny.  It really started my day with a lot of excitement!!!!!

slave john 
JOSbitch JOSbitch 31-35 1 Response Sep 7, 2011

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my Beautiful WIFE is planning on requiring me to get a new tattoo across my chest. It is going to be bold block letters that say " (Her Name with 's) **** CLEANER" Below the letters will be a likeness of HER bent over looking back at me on my knees kissing HER LOVELY ***. SHE said this will keep HER from having to write on me so much with a marker!<br />
<br />
i LOVE HER and will do whatever SHE says!!!!<br />
<br />
slave john!!

what a lucky slave you are!