Polish Nightmares

When i was young my mother found it hard to find babysitters for me after i reached age 5,then when i was 6 a friend put her in touch with Stasha a polish lady aged about 30 who lived 5 minutes from us.....then one saturday night i had just had a bath and was playing about in the bathroom when my little sister came in and said she was telling on me,so i punched her and stasha came up to the bathroom and told me to go downstairs and wait for her as my sisters nose was bleeding......when she came down after putting my sister to bed,she told me she was going to spank me harder than i had ever been spanked before and my bottom was going to be black and blue when she had finished..she took me by the hand into the kitchen and sat on a chair,she pulled down my pants and slippered my bare bottom over her knee until i was screaming....for about 6 months after that i used to have nightmares about what she did to me that night,really scarey to think i can still remember the utter pain that night and the screaming and howling i did
mukydaz mukydaz
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Looks like she was right, I support what she did.