I was crossing the highway on foot because i didnt have a car at the time a car hit me he reversed i fell to the ground i lost my front two teeth i couldnt walk well for weeks on august 2012 i got my first car i had many minor accidents nothing truly horrifying but two weeks ago im going down the hill from my parents house there was a huge storm so it was raining i was driving a bit faster then i should have i was trying to hit my breaks my car wasnt slowing down theres a left turn and a right and the hill that keeps going down since my car wasn't slowing down i thought i could pass the bus i didnt it hit my car my car turned backward and kept going down the hill i hit an edge if i didnt oh God i dont wanna say im so scared i keep having night terrors of having an accident i woke up at 3 am now im just to dumb i dont focus i dont use my logic im so scared of having another accident just because i didnt use my logic and was driving a bit fast im sooo scared of driving im scared of having an accident that i wont make it i know Jesus saved me i dont wanna drive again but everybody is pushing me my boyfriend, friends everybody to drive im scared i wont use my head and have another accident one that im scared to say it (sorry for no punctuation)
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Jan 19, 2013