It Had Started Great

I met a friend i've not seen in 5 years! In public transport.

Then a bit tough, i had to change a lot of things because the timetable kept changing. It was a veerrry long day.
Then i didn't feel that well while coming home, but it wasn't really killing me.. And while coming home, the road was blocked cause some bigwig was there or whatever. I returned late because I had to take a detour to the internet company's franchise to get this connection fixed.
So while I was still returning home, the kids had reached home and started texting me about my whereabouts.. and i was so hungry so i fished for all the coins and got something to eat before coming home.
Came home, went to the kids, made quite a lot of mistakes. Took half an hour more than i'm supposed to take because i'd messed up a question. At least they seemed to understand it after i'd corrected it.

Let them go.. And here comes the worst part.
After they'd gone, i discovered one of them had a problem. *groan*
Took me two hours to solve it.
Finally free.. and tired.
FreeFallWall FreeFallWall
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3 Responses Jan 27, 2012

And you know we were both in such a hurry that i could only take his number and run away. :P

Naah i'm not! :D<br />
<br />

Sorry for the rough time Free. Happy you were able to see a friend.<br />
Don't be too tough on yourself as you usually are.<br />
Paco35 :-)