Yesterday. Went for a walk to clear my head. Ended up sitting by a stream, filling it with my tears :'( x
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i walk on the hills where i live and do the same i dont like others to see my pain

You literally need to cry everything out & tell yourself you no longer want to feel that way your brain is such a strong powerful thing it's capable of anything with the training.
Just focus on Happy.

Yes I'm trying to do exactly that. I am a strong person, but even the strongest need to breakdown from time to time. I never new it was possible to cry so many tears!! Can only hold back the pain for so long, need release! But yes .. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts!!x

awwww. that was sad, but also very sweet. i would have sat with you and you could have cried on my shoulder...

Hunny I did that all day and night except the stream were on my face ..I wish I could just erase EVERYTHING and start ask over

I know exactly how you feel. I just wish I could turn back time :(

Girl YES feel free to message me ..
It's so hard to find someone to really talk to when you're going thru hurt. I just cried for the past ten min u can't even sleep right now so overwhelmed

I'll give you a listening ear hun..we both have bad days in common =/

I've cried practically none stop for 10 days now!! My eyes are so sore, my heads banging & my whole body aches from it, even my heart :( I don't know how people can live with themselves. Thanks Hun, just what I need. I will add you :D & we can chew each other's ears off lol x

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