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And What An Awful One It Was!

I woke up at seven thirty this morning and started to get dressed when I realized my younger sister was still home (her friend's mother picks my sister up before i wake up usually). I called my mother at work and told her the problem and my mother told me I should drive her to school. That meant I didn't have time to finish getting myself ready for school before we had to rush to her elementary. I had to rush back home afterwards and run to catch my school bus (mother doesn't let me drive to school). Once I was on the bus my mom called me and told me that my sister's ride said that picking her up had "slipped her mind".

Seeing as I missed the last three days of school I had a ton of makeup work to get. After taking two quizzes in first period #spanish 3 I went downstairs where I saw Austin and Anna kissing. That just reminded me of my feelings for him and my jealousy of her. I couldn't get that image out of my head for the rest of the day. Second period AP world history I was reminded I had to do a Change Over Time essay but the teacher said I could come in to do it seventh period (tennis) after she gave me all the makeup work for that class. By the time third period #precalc came around my head was pounding. In there my teacher told me I was "S.O.L" and gave me all my work. On the way to choir Regis and I had an argument and when we got there we saw that it was time for people to start signing up for their acts for 'dinner and a show'. Regis said he was going to do "tears in heaven" by eric clapton and I told him that song depressed me. He blew up and said "**** you, it's for my grandpa" (who just died a few months ago). Then our choir director kept being really mean to me during class (others told me later she acted like she was on her period lol (shes too old for that)). It all just caught up to me and I went to the restroom and cried all through lunch. Fifth period #english 2 my teacher saw how I looked and told me since I had been absent for so long I could finish up the quiz I wasn't expecting tomorrow morning. Small blessings. Went back to the restroom and cried some more. I hated looking so bad when I was around Cameron. Not that he cares or notices. But still. Sixth period #chemistry I was loaded with more work. Seventh period was back to world history for the essay. whoopee. Golly lolly my head hurts so badly right now and I just feel like sobbing. Sorry for this pity party, just trying to get it off my chest somehow. After school another argument with Regis. Finally HOME. 

Now excuse me while i take a few asprin.

findmeholdmeloveme findmeholdmeloveme 18-21 Mar 23, 2010

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