My Day Ended With A Bang

Im at work today, the say was going pretty fine. After i came back from lunch i had to drop a pallet down cause we had transfer and the item was on the list. It was brooms and dustpans. So i go on the reach on go to bring the pallet down, im doing fine and everything is how its suppose to be no customers and the isles are blocked off. The pallet i had to bring down was stacked way to high but i was told to get so i did. My spotter said i was good. but i wasnt . When i was starting to bring it down i saw that it was getting caught on the light. i was thinking ****. i was doing w.e i could do to get it off the light but it wouldnt come off. So long story short the light cam crashing down. Def not a good night for me. I came off and associates came to see what happen. i was shaking and scared i started to cry cause im afraid im gonna get fired. People resured me that everything will be ok because i followed proceder and there was nothing i could do. but im still worried. urgh. great ******* day.

eyeslikestars eyeslikestars
26-30, F
Mar 28, 2010