My Encounter With An Evil Entity.

I've had dreams before where I feel a deep sick feeling as if something dark is in the room with me and every time I do, It is very unpleasant. I'm not sure if this summery can convey what I felt last night, but I hope you find it interesting.

I had another strange dream last night. It started off with a dark aura emanating around the room. The room was very dimly lit with a dark vibe reflecting off of everything I looked at. I turned my head and saw a dark, shadowy figure. Fear and pain instantly struck my body. The figure appeared in dark clothing, possibly wearing a robe of sorts. Its face was rotted and I could feel a sense of evil whenever I looked at it. There was almost a feeling of vibrations when I looked at the creature. They weren't normal vibes. They struck my soul on a very deepened level.
The figure left us alone as long as we did not look at it, or speak. We had to stay very still. I was in the fetal position against a wall and whoever was in the room with me was behind me and was also very scared. The creature, a demon by the feel of it, regressed into the hallway that was right in front of me. The woman behind me tried to whisper to me as calmly as she could, "we need to get out of here!" At this moment the nasty feeling that was piercing every level of my body, soul, and bones, came around the corner after hearing that we were planning an escape. I dared not look at it. Every time I did, the feeling amplified. The paralytic feeling that came over my body when I first saw the creature prevented me from looking at it again. After coming around the corner, the creature came right behind me and put its hands on my back and pushed downwards. It did not speak. But I knew it was telling me not to move. I knew at that moment, it would kill me if I did. I had this feeling ensue, if I moved, it would slit my throat. It pushed down on my back with more pressure and the touch of the creature was not bearable. The creature went back around the corner after It made its point. It was almost like it was playing some sick game of cat and mouse. It exerted its dominance over us and we were helpless.
I turned my head and looked at the door. My thoughts were racing. It was a fight or flight moment. I ran as fast as I could to the door. As soon as I got up I felt the creature approaching me at a blurred speed. I ripped the door open and the only thing between me and my escape was a screened door. I struggled to get the first door open. There was some force pulling the door closed as I was trying to open it. It was not natural. It was in this moment that I couldn't fight it. I let go of the door handle and some sort of negative suction caused it to fly open when I stopped my struggle. There was a whooshing sound and a great noise ensued. as I turned around, the dark robed creature started some sort of vortex. An enormous wind picked up around the creature and everything in the room became airborne around it. It was as if a small cyclone was in the room. I had to get out of there but the debris that were filling the room were starting to get heavier and I couldn't leave. Not without my cat at least. I turned and saw my poor Victor becoming airborne and grounded again in the vortex. His short cream and orange striped fur was blowing around rapidly. He was bounding straight for me and the door and I couldn't leave without him. I reached out for him and was instantly filled with sadness. He could barely keep his four paws on the ground. He made his way to me inch by inch. The vortex was starting to grow. I lunged forward and managed to grab him and in that second I turned and pushed the screened door open. I ran into the darkness as hard and as fast as I possibly could and Victor and I never looked back.
I woke up. That same dark and saturating feeling was in the room. I was feeling uneasy. But that feeling slowly started to drift away. I closed my eyes again. Ready and willing to drift onwards to my next dream.

Written by A.L.
Taunto Taunto
22-25, M
Nov 30, 2012