MVA 9-5-07

Following a motor vehicle accident in Rock Springs, Wyoming, I had a very bad experience at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County.

Issues include:

  • being on a back board for over 4 hours
  • taking over an hour to get an ID bracelet
  • 2 hours for x-rays because I lacked an ID bracelet
  • doctor saw me for less than 5 minutes total and charged over $500, $67 of it to measure blood oxygen level
  • doctor did not talk to me after x-ray and cat scan results
  • I was handed a stack of papers telling me what the test results were
  • doctor misspelled my last name on the prescription for pain medication
  • had a nurse come in to give me a pain shot stating I had asked for one when I had not - did not check my ID bracelet
  • the x-rays techs released my legs from the back board before determining if there was damage done to my spine
  • medical imaging tech starting telling me about an MRI scheduled for the next day without checking my ID bracelet
  • Discharge nurse and imaging tech compared notes and had to check with the doctor, I WAS NOT THE PERSON HAVING THE MRI THE NEXT DAY
  • Discharge nurse allowed me to walk out of the hospital because a wheelchair would take too long

If you are ever treated at this hospital due to an emergency, I strongly recommend that you visit your personal doctor as soon as possible.

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2 Responses Oct 7, 2007

rock springs hospital is only the place to go if your dead or unconscious, i know i live here

I wish the health care people would pay better attention to out needs, especially if we aren't a complainer. Get their heads out of their butts and pay attention. My prayers are with you.