Central (the School In Allentown PA Which I Went For My 5 Elementary School Years) Is The Worst School I’ve Ever Went To In My Entire Life!

The reasons that I hate Central 

1.I was there for my 5 elementary school years which is too dull, inadequate, and very depressing for me

2.I really wanted to go to a different school for 5th grade which was the closest to my house, but I was stuck at Central for 5th grade

3.98% of teachers were so rude, stuck-up and despicable (Like Mrs. Slotter, Ms. M, and Mrs. Monaghan)

4.95% of teachers were so annoying and childish (Like Mrs. Riffle, Mrs. Cullen and Miss Nacci)

5.5% of teachers were kind and generous (Miss King, Ms. Blouse, Mrs. Oswald and Ms. Mitchell)

6.I was always unlucky

7.I always had to deal with mean substitute teachers (Ex.: 1 rude blonde guy was really rude to me, the 1 rude substitute lady in her 60’s was in my reading class, she says that I’m a mess and I was so insulted by her; the 1 rude lady had to cover my 2nd grade teacher, I asked for a drink because I was really thirsty, she replied “No..…!”

8.I never received a 1st, 2nd, and a 3rd place ribbon at the end of the school ceremony and it happened to me in 5 years at Central even though I’ve done so well

9.I always lose at everything (Games)

10.I was never fortunate

11.I felt like I was never in a spotlight

12.I was always treated like I was invisible

13.I had to deal with a mean gym teacher

14.I never win at anything

15.I never had any fun

16.It made my experience totally miserable

17.It made my life miserable

18.There were mean people there

19.I had 25% of friends

20.I’m always the last person to do anything (Being picked last in gym class)

21.I was always picked on by annoying teachers

22.It was the worst elementary school experience I’ve ever had in my entire life!

23.At the pizza party, I never got any pizza and all I got was the donut balls that taste disgusting

24.I even had to take the bus to central because my house was really far away from central which my address was 424 Greenleaf Street.

25.After I graduated from 5th grade & started middle school, I felt really jealous, miserable, and went to a total depression from it because I never received rewards or nothing even though I've done so well; I was unfortunate (Never experienced great luck) and I never wanted to see central again as long as I lived.
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

I have had similar experiences in Elementary school. Some people just should not be teachers . . . at all!

Sorry to hear this.