Raped By My Doctor

one day ,about four weeks ago i had a realy bad headache that just wouldn't go away. i tried every pain medication i had in the house,but no sussess.i went to the doctor's office to see if he could figure out why this headache wouldn't go away. i waited in the waiting room of the doctor'office until i was called to go into one of the examing rooms and that the doctor would be in shortly to exam me as to why the headache wouldn't go away.i waited for twenty minutes before the doctor finally entered the exam room to see me. when i asked the doctor if he could do anything for this terrible headache;he said that he had to do a full exam of me to determin the cause of the headache. so i said ok. he told me that i had to romove my shirt,bra,slacks,and my panties so he could tell what the problem was. so i romoved all my clothes in front of him. after i removed my panties;he started to feel my 46d breasts;including my nipples. then he started sucking the nipples. when asked why he was doing this to me ;he replyed that it was the way he could tell what the problem was.then he had me get up on the examening table;where he spread my legs far apart and force raped me continualy for about one hour. when he was done with raping me;he told that i could now get dressed and that he couldn't find the reason to why i was having the headaches and to go home and not tell anybody what just happened in the office or that i wouldget the same treatment everytime that i came into the office. after i left the office and went home i had to take a long shower, because he gave me three ******* by the time he was done and that i was now extremely wet in between my legs and my ***** was extremely hot.
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Wat a shame,u know it was ur fault do u want to know y?for taking off ur clothes wen u have neva seen a doc telling is patient to take their jst becos of a minor/major headache ...

I was raped by my gyno for a year when I was 16. I didn't know what to expect during those visits. Its not like anyone tells you. But he raped me monthly for check ups wiith his hands, his private part and whatever object he wanted to use. The visit usually lasted about 2 hours.He always gave me oral as well. He said it was to check my vaginal dryness. I really thought it was just a part of routine checks till about the last 3 month or so he would force oral on me. The last visit few visits were so brutal and involved another doctor in training. They raped me for four hours none stop. I usually would just lay there and relax by closing my eyes. He took my virginity something I can't have back. Since then I have been raped 8 more times by various people. Why? Because when something like this happens to you you no longer have power over yourself. U just lay there and let it happen till its done. I'm 18 now and I don't know what to think about my life anymore. For anyone thinking its funny its not. It hurts a lot but you learn to understand the pain and you can't fight. You just take it :/

U should have told someone cos I used to have a gyno and I told my parents every time I came out what happened


can't believe you're all fall with this one..
have heard this story since 2005 or so..

That muthaf***** I hope u told some I hope that doctor rots in hell

BULL~*******~****!!!!!!!<br />
<br />

It's not even true this is like her first fake story

Maybe you where also in the same way can't u shout.

that's truly an erotica coz the victim's saying that she was wet...."wet"??? the tone of her story says that she enjoyed her ****...moreover..her silence regarding the crime shows that she supports forced sex

I hate to ask, but if this happened, why didn't you call the police?? I couldn't quite tell by the 'tone' of your story. I take it seriously. I was molested by a female gynocologist when I was 17. It took me years to understand it, and it was then , too late to press charges or make a complaint...<br />
If its too late to press charges, make sure you get on the net and RUIN this doctor's reputation!! Save others from this possiblity!!!

Not to be disrespectful or anything but sex has been discovered to cure headaches.

I had to undress in front of a doctor and it was extremely weird and uncomfortable for me as I'm quite shy. However I did keep my underwear on (although he did look there) it was to check for moles for skin cancer as I had one of my back, and my mum was in the room as well so it wasn't that bad. Still, a very weird experience. I know it was the way to check for the moles, but still, I felt uncomfortable and I never want to see that doctor again.<br />
How long ago did this happen? Contact the police and tell them, they need to know! And to make sure he doesn't do that to anyone else.<br />
Also, why didn't anyone else come in, because one hour's a pretty long time and he might have had other appointments?

I agree with chilidog123, if these things does happen, ANYONE should report to the police. Unfortunately, there are crook doctors too as we hear about them.<br />
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In this case, I think it is an erotica story. (Why would a person fully undress due to a headache?).

I'm with tralala205 on this: I am calling it fake, or fantasy. If this were true, the doctor is guilty of serious malpractice and betrayal of the doctor/patient relationship, which must be ba<x>sed on mutual trust and respect.

relax i'm pretty sure this is just a piece of erotica.

Are you sure you were raped ? You didn't mention that you called the police. This man needs to be behind bars!!!! I don't understand how you thought taking all your clothes off could in any way be related to treating a headache. You were not going to a ob/gyn appointment. You sound kind of nieve. CALL THE POLICE AND FILE A REPORT. RAPE IS A CRIME. BESIDES YOU WILL BE HELPING OTHER UNSUSPECTING WOMEN FROM BECOMING HIS VICTIM AS WELL AS HELPING YOURSELF.

that must have been one terrific experience to have the doctor watching you take off your clothes in front of him.