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A Little More Fearful...

I am not crazy about going to the doctor as it is.  Thankfully, I only have to go for my check ups.  I am rarely ever sick.  Which is good because I have to deal with Ptsd, that's bad enough. 

I had my 6 month check up yesterday.  It was also time for lab work.  They need my blood for this.  I don't like seeing blood being taken out of me, so I just never look.  I always turn away.  I have never had any major problems when they need my blood.  I'm not crazy about it, but it's never been a big deal.

Well, yesterday, they had major problems trying to get my blood!!!  First the nurse, tried in my left arm.  It didn't work..  I remember that nurse from the year before.  She doesn't like to draw blood.  We use to have to go to the hospital to do the lab blood work whenever this particular nurse would be working at the doctors office. 

Well, as soon as she see's that she can't get blood from that arm, she calls my doctor.  I was thinking, "Hmmm, why is she bothering him with this, why didn't she just try on my other arm?"  So the doctor comes in.  I then have to get poked in my hand, which I already know from experience, this is slightly more painful.   I didn't complain, I just let them do their thing.  Now, that hurt.  Not just the poke, but the doctor is doing something painful to my hand.  Finally, he struck blood.  I'm sitting there patiently, waiting and waiting.  Finally, I ask, "Are you getting anywhere doc?"  He explains that yes, he is BUT it takes longer on the hand.  So, I'm like ok, just be patient LIly, haha!!!  I swear that took a good what seemed like 10 minutes.  Unfortunately, they only get one tube, that's not enough.  Then he said, "Well, we're gonna have to try again."  So they try on my other arm, which is fine with me because I prefer my arm anyway, it's less painful.  Well, that's dry too.  For some reason my veins keep collapsing.  So then they try on my other hand, same thing.  My veins keep rolling on them or collapsing.  Now he is really hurting me, moving that thing all around in my vein, trying to draw blood.  He then takes that out and tries in my other arm.  Again, nothing but pain.  Now I'm not a complainer, I just take it.  All I would do was close my eyes tightly because I was hurting!!!   Or I would jerk a little.  The doc would say, "Are you ok Lily?"  I would say, "Yes, I'm ok," but I wasn't , lol. 

Well, all together, I got poked 5 times.  Twice in one arm, twice in each hand and once in my other arm.  He asked me, "Do you want be to try once more, or do you want me to wait a few days?'   OF COURSE, I SAID, LET'S WAIT A FEW DAYS, LOL!!!!! 

So I didn't have a big fear of them drawing my blood.  Now I am more nervous about it.  My hands and arms are bruised and they are tender.  I called the doctor to ask if we could wait until the weekend was over to get poked again.  That will give my arms and hands time to heal a little. 

I did ask then why did that happen to me.  It had never happened before.  The said, that I could dehydrated.  Which is possible because I really don't drink water like I use too.   Water has always been my favorite drink.  Now, I drink Sprite Zero and a little water.  I thought fluids were fluids but not according to this nurse.  So, now I will drink more water.   I know, that I probably do not drink enough fluids.  Now we don't know yet if this is why my veins were collapsing on me but we will find out soon enough after my lab work comes in.  smiley 
TexasLily TexasLily 56-60, F 5 Responses Oct 14, 2010

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Omg I know how shaken u must be, I once had a nurse sink every vein in my arm trying get blood. She tried 14 times and I was bawling like a baby by the time she gave up, both arms black & blue...

Good lord, I am sorry to hear about your experience! That nurse sounds like an absolute idiot! I can't believe there are actually nurses out there who can't even stick a needle in someone's arm without struggling. If you don't like to draw blood, don't go into a medical profession like nursing that involves drawing blood! Sheesh, I don't get why that nurse became a nurse if she can't deal with the job requirements effectively. She may not like drawing blood but she should've gotten over this discomfort and deal with it. It's ridiculous the doctor didn't try your arm him or herself but instead your finger.

God, how many people does it take to stick a needle in someone's arm? Apparently sometimes 3! I really hope that office is nowhere near where I live, so I don't accidentally go to that place. If you can't properly stick a needle in someone's arm and have been in the medical field for years, there is something wrong... seriously (wonder what their medical treatment looks like!). I am very sorry for the discomfort you went through for the nurse's and doctor's incompetence. I hope that you filed a complaint or at the very least spread the word out to not go to this place.

Yes, Laura, all of my lab work came back great, Well, except that I was in the beginning stages of a UTI. Luckily they caught that early and I was given antibiotics. It never got really bad, thank GOD. Those can get really bad and painful.

Yesm Pete. I had to go today so that they could get more blood. I had a different nurse. She was a LOT more confident, I could tell by her attitude. Sure enough, she had no problems. One poke in my arm with a syringe and she got her 3 tubes. Which was good because I was more than a little tense about it. Now I should be ok, the next time!!!

I don't trust doctors as far as I can throw one (most are just pushers for the crooks running the big pharmaceutical companies). Before they get a drop of my blood they need to provide details of every test they intend on using that blood for. I hope things work out better for you in the future Lily.

It's also pretty bad when patients have to ask for routine blood work when going to a checkup. I'd rather have the doctors perform a routine blood screening test for precaution's sake as opposed to claiming something as outrageous as "hormonal imbalance" without so much as thinking of giving a blood test to confirm such. I completely agree many doctors are simply legalized drug dealers).