I had a dream about it last night again. It wasn't a psych ward but it was a residential treatment facility. I lived in a small house with five other girls. I was there at Christmas time. The treatment I saw one of the girls get was terrible. It reminded me of how I've been mistreated places. The girl was held down and restrained for no reason. All she was doing was raising her voice Yelling at them because they made a mistake in her medications and she wanted it corrected. The female staff was making rude comments to me about her while this was happening. The male staff was holding her down not letting her go telling her how she brought this upon herself and how she obviously wants to be held down if she acts the way she did. One thing I didn't say is how that girl has been raped. Him holding her down saying those things I'm sure were a huge trigger to her and in my opinion completely unacceptable. While there I had gotten talked down to but nothing to the extent of her treatment. I left before anything like that could happen to me. Out of respect for the girls privacy and the residential treatment centers I won't share where it happened but I will share that after I had left I did research and found out that the hospital has had many bad reports and has almost lost federal funding numerous times do to there conditions. The only reason they have received it back is because they put a plan in place which they didn't land up following. I found out a girl I might've known had killed herself a week after I had left against medical advice as well. I hope she's in a better place now.
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18-21, F
Aug 22, 2014