She said no amount pills or therapy lessons could help me. I'm too unstable to be around normal people and no one could help me because I'm to troubled . I was like jee thanks. But I'm getting a new therapist next yr woohoo :D
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Hey that was wrong of her to say please message me if u want I know we all have our own problems but maybe we can talk with.each other

Pretty crappy therapist.

Don't worry!! :) you still have people here you can talk to!! :D

Thanks babe

I've had a similar experience.

**** Init 😄

Sure is -.-

Haha don't worry we're the awesome ones . Their just jealous cuz we're badasses 👍

We're fighters!

Haha like wwe or UFC haha grrrrrr 😄

Fighting life's toughies

Hehe against the crime and bitchiness 😄😈

All we need is a costume and fighter names!

I've got mine ready :D

I'm jelly!

I'm badass mofo 101 😂

I meant I'm jealous :p but hey that's cool!

😂 ur too funny


Yh lol

Yay I made someone laugh :)


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I am glad that you realized the problem is her not you.

Well 50/50 I'm part to blame obviously so she had a reason to say it but u know at least she was honest

Honestly stupid IMO.

Haha, trust me i need serious Help

Don't take pills, and why did she say this?

Because I need serious help like she said

In my opinion, normal people are the strange ones. They can make anyone unstable.