I Was Forced To Smell Someone's Fart While He Wanked Me

When I was at school and only 12 years old, an older boy took me into the toilets and ****** me and came up my arse.

Then he told me to kneel behind him and smell his bare arse. I knelt down and he pushed my nose up his arse, then held it there. Then, without any warning, he farted right up my nose. I was very surprised, but also quite turned on by it. He then told me to lie down on my back on the floor. He then knelt down facing my feet and lowered his bare arse onto my nose, forcing me to smell it.

He then wanked me while forcing me to keep smelling his arse. With the stimulation of smelling his arse and being wanked, I came and had my very first ******. It was great.

But the result of being wanked first like this meant that I always wanted to be wanked the same way. He did it to me several more times. And then I moved schools and found another boy who did it to me a couple of times each week for the next two years. He didn't fart on me, but made me smell his arse while he wanked me.

Later in life I was also farted on by several men while being wanked. About 25 years ago, a rather dominant girlfriend did it to me, and then got on top of me and ****** me. It was great. 

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Wait and while all this was going on knowbody walked into the toilets and were you gay before this experience

It was in the school toilets, and nearly everyone had gone home. We were there because we were involved in a school play later on that night. So no one came in.
Was I gay? It had not occurred to me. Boys were always playing with each other's *****, and I went on to **** a couple of other boys in the school. Several others went on to **** me, but this first ****** with me smelling arse was the most memorable.

...ok, theres too many "wanks" for me to read this story...and it seems like you enjoyed it so I guess your story is in the wrong place...so yeah.....