Bad Week

seriously what a fucken head ache this week has been.

i flew up to Auckland on Monday witha a friend of mine who is no longer my friend, we flew up to work we worked one night because she ****** up my chance with the club by disrespecting them, so we havnt been able to work this week at all, so i have ran out of money and is now $2000 in det. So now i am stressed to the max cos when i get home i will have to work my *** off to make my rent and that money back.

My friend has been so so diffelcult to be around all week constantly making a sence or being very rude and depressing to be around. she has made me feel like ****, made me feel like im not living my life how i should be.

its now the sunday , she fucken ditched me to go to an art gallery with her bf, and waited into the last day when we were checking out to just **** off and leave me in the middle of auckland with no money no friends no hotel to hang out at . **** i am just so angry and pissed at her .


i had to have a rant to someone or thing that is why i am just writing it down

melaz melaz
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 14, 2009

Hun, sorry to hear how ******* gay this last week has been :S<br />
Rant away I say!<br />
Txt if you need anything xx