Film Group Tortured Me

I was abused and bashed and no one cared

I was invited to a party but it didn't turn out to be much of a party at all
when I got there they all lashed out in turn abusing me
it was cold, dark and raining, this girl tried to run me over
and she was planning for this american guy to rape me and put it on video.

katy robinson and rebecca kirk started the torture and rick just enjoyed playing for them

rick was crazy all night and put bruises over katies body...I spent most of the night locked
away in the bedroom.  I did come out at one stage after katy had ordered me out a few times
we played this stupid game they called "sex, drug and rock n roll" and rick was pushing these huge
syringes of vodka and other alcohol mixed with red cordial down my mouth and they were chanting for
me to skull it...and trevor got so blottoed he was like almost trying to rape me against the wall, and rick came and
pulled him off and was like egging the whole "who is the bigger **** here" act...katy goes
"ok guys lets stick your dicks out to see who has got the bigger **** and measure them" and I took off to the bedroom
a bit later bec comes in and says ..."blba bla...more like who is doing who?>>>" and they were all screwing in bedrooms
and acting stupid. no one seemed to like each other and they complained about the music and drink and the food
and the whole night katy was acting abusive to everyone but especially me...she was mental case.
it was a real mad hatters tea party and sex-exhibition...rick and trevor seemed to want to prove they were better dicks than
each other and trevor was trying hard to keep up with rick...terribly impressed by his crap.

katy bashed in at the bottle shop and then the car got stuck in the mud and she glared at me so
evil and tried to run me over for rick, she was very aggressive towards me all night and she drank so much
that by monday evening at the course she was so hung over

rick was offering me margaritas at 10am the following morning and I was saying "no sorry mate
just cant handle alcohol that early after drinks the night before"

I ended up leaving and sat in the rain in the gutter crying just wanting to get away from these freaks

I had tried to ring my brother the night before to pick me up but they wouldn't tell me where we were
when my brother and his wife came to get me - they were like why are you here you poor thing waht happened
and ricks eyes lite up like a xmas tree as soon as he seen karen my sister inlaw and we got my stuff and left

they didn't care just a bunch of aarseholes...they kicked me...hit me, run me over...pushed stuff down my throat and
then gossiped about me and stalked me around the university.

all i wanted was a group of friends i was so lonely and to have a go at some video and meet a boyfriend
someone didnt' want me at QUT i left after rick was stalking me there

i was going to a support group at the time,,,but nothing seemed to just felt like all reality was slipping away from me!
czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
36-40, F
Jul 18, 2010