It Started When I Was A Child

I have been the victim of satanic ritual abuse from all my in-laws and relatives, friends of the family who are involved in military
they keep abusing me with a satanic occult technologies and they are evil.  I believe it has been coming from brig, irene families, and
from my aunty - who I don't believe is dead.  she abused me as a child - she never liked me, got breast cancer and died.
she abused my mother too, her and her husband where abusing my mother, like rose and david did to me.
someone in my family in into evil wikka and they are a killer.  someone has been trying to kill me and they have had men abuse me sexually since i was a little baby.
the key is una's words :so don't say you don't have a clever cousin. sue or elizabeth would they try to kill me? heather, tom?
louise and steven, patrick?
I  can't even imagine that robert or karen would want to kill me- I have done nothing to them, nothing sexual, or abusing in anyway at all- my conscience is so clear on that I would swear it to my grave.  so witch cousin dilikes me so much- would brig or her in-laws hurt me that way.  I think they didn't like me.
they performed violent and mind control and mind bending abuse on me both sexual, emotional abuse.
it has deeply affected me pschologically where I have little trust in any of them at all.

lets face it no one liked me.  even as a child I was unlikeable, only Werner seemed to be able to get thru to me- why?
then he went away.  and broke my heart.  i;m always gonna miss him.  he was the only man who ever really loved me.
but was he all lies too. was it all a game- I know werner was a proud and caring man.  he wouldn't have cheated me this far surely.
mum said werner was a true man to me the other day. he wouldn't have lied that way about loving me. 
why do I feel like i can't trust anyone anymore? I know werner dated a hollywood movie star, and knew hitler.  god I did love him, he tore me so far apart
i was only little but i do remember the love. there will be no-one else.
czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
36-40, F
Jul 20, 2010