I've Been Abused By Satanists

a group of satanists planned for me to be raped. It took ages for me to do basic things again and I still suffer from the trauma- after the stroke I had trouble;e spelling, talking and making good judgements. i seen everyone as the face of the rapist. i was a virgin and being raped as a virgin was painful and i'll never forget the stroke just choked and couldn't breathe, and this devilsome mirgraine then down, i thought i was gonna die. my in-laws where in on it, they helped prep me up and then set up the rape as punishment for not fitting in with their code???? my in-laws are into cult ritual sexual abuse - the Doonans are from Stanthorpe where occult practices go on, my cousin louise & her husband are evil, because her husband is in th police she gets away with anything, and   her family have abusing and molesting me for years.  from the time i was a baby. sadest thing is these people make out they are christain, and some are my godparents family and this is why I don't trust catholics- catholics are very satanists! the macfarlanes and doonans/dudley are very evil people who are rich. they own satilights, radio stations, shopping centres and big confectionary businesses etc.  she wants to run for politics.-currently with brisbane city council. they have diliberately systematiclly ruined my fathers career, leaving us unemployed for over 30 years. our house is so broken down with cockroaches and poverty, nothing works, no stove, oven and even the shower and toilet need fixing.  we are all on pensions due to their handy work, and satan worship. I want to see them punished. Phil doonan sexually abused my mother and left her with no money and was going around in charlivile making out my father was a axe murderer, by putting axes and things in his breif case and making fun of him and abusing me.  I don't know what we ever did to them, but after they did my parents over and grandparents , they started on us kids.  stopping govt funding for couses as we were income disadvantaged and they pocketed the money instead.  they just don't care what rape and abuse they dish out - why can't someone stop it and investigate it???? i have also suspected the heckmanns and battelini sides they are in militry and I don't trust them.

there was something suspicious about that heather from QC MOVE.  she was mental and vendictive for no reason.  just hating a beautiful young woman out of jealousy- you all owe me and you all know it!!!! i hope the law catches up with you. don't ever think you are welcome in my life.

this girl invited me to her house for a party, but it wasn't much of a party. it was wet and raining heavy, first she tried to run me over, then she bashed me and later turned heaps of people against me, and tried to seduce my father.  she tried to kiss me and rubbed up against me and stalked me sending pictures of grim rippers to me and evil calls and broke into my house and killed my cat. she used to say things to me like I was in denial, and trying to make out that I had no relationship with my family, and was too protected and not growing up, she'd say to me "I need to get into your head" and was like a complete mental case trying to rub her virgina up against me and kiss me and rebecca used to rub her breasts against me deliberately as she walked past.  and they be constantly making fun of me, or my family or the business, like they were the clever ones,  they looked somewhat spastic to me they had nothing to carry on so mental about. she'd hang up on me and like cackle at my sister and me. and try set these old buggers up with us. and she was so dirty.  a real dirty dirty dog.  I wonder if she knew Karen poacher or Karen law? and was working on setting the family against me.

why do people gang up and display such hatred? there is something not right in there minds.  I think they knew the poopy heckmanns and louise. and I did nothing to them.  I don't want to know any of them, not the doonans, heckmanns, poachers, shoemakers, tungates, and I don't want to know david or nick.  or jason or any pop stars and I don't care for that silly doctor.  I am happy on my own.  I feel ok as I am.  If anything I wish I could go on a holiday away from them all, or better still, I can't wait for stupid una to kick the bucket so we as a family can move away from them all.  I was very offended the way una spoke to me and there is no excuse.  mum needs a kick up the arse for letting her family abuse her two beautfil daughters.  I think it is a shame on all of their behaves and like all witch craft it will come back to them, what they have done to me- they will pay a heavy price one day.  I just don't want to be forced into their company- like if mum died next week, I wouldn't go to her funeral just so I can avoid them, I'd have my own for mum. and go not go near those dirty mongrols.  they deliberately spoilt the quest thing for me and also uni and jobs and men liking me, and I don't want any of their scum bum blokes they pick, I want nothing from them, other than billions apon billions in my bank ac - thats about it.

they have set about ruining my career and would make out she was the one being bullied. this does a few things, makes them look cleverer, and me lazy and dumb, and also makes me house bond without social connections and men and also stops me from having an identity- that is how sick they are.  There are better looking men out there than nick and better people to meet who will think their abuse on me is evil and punishab;e and take me for the wonderful soul I am.  she was crazy and had these people to help her- they were all very black and evil energy people you sensed it straight away.  as a kid i went thru similar stuff too, being sexually abused, and a  fire.

i have trouble seeing a real life out there for me, and doubt i'll have children, or marry. i'm alone . always have been, but trust gets cut with abuse like this...the scars are deep.

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Wow! That's awful. I'm so sorry you had to deal with that and still feeling the pain. As I'm getting older, I'm realizing that there's some crazy people out there and it's very scary!