Couldn't Handle It.....

I usually smoke mids, but last week my usual source didn't have any mids, just top shelf stuff. So I got some of that, and apparently couldn't handle it at all. I smoked some of it and thought things were going great until my high abruptly petered out and I had an anxiety attack. I tried a couple more times over the weekend but it never worked, it just made me so anxious that tears were running down my face. I ended up giving the rest to my best friend, who felt so bad that I had a bad experience that she made a special trip for me yesterday to get me some stuff that I could handle. She even fronted the money, which she didn't have to do. She is such an awesome friend I think I'm in love. We met up after she got out of work today and smoked a fat blunt together and I felt a whole hell of a lot better, with no anxiety attack to deal with.
Dave1982 Dave1982
26-30, M
Aug 10, 2010