Worst Experience Of My Life

This was my second time smoking weed. I did it from this water pipe thing or whatever. I didn't really know how to do it so my friends were telling me what to do. They told me to suck harder at one point and I guess I sucked too hard and took a really big hit. I didn't think anything of it except for that it was a big hit. A few minutes later, it was starting to hit me. At first it felt good, like the first time I got high but it was a little bit more. And it kept getting worse and felt like I was dreaming. My friend and my boyfriend basically knew what was going on and they told me to lay down so I did and they asked if I wanted to take a shower and I said if that's what you think I should do. So my boyfriend picked me up and everything turned black and the only thing I could hear was my heart beating and it was racing soo fast. And later the next day my boyfriend was telling me that was when I had a panic attack. He is emt certified. Anyways the next thing I remember was my boyfriend setting me on top of the toilet and helping me take my clothes off. My whole body was tingling and my limbs felt so heavy that I could barely move them. And my mouth felt weird and I could hardly get any words out of my mouth. My vision felt like it was bouncing back and forth between each eye, or maybe thats what being dizzy feels like? It felt more unreal than a dream and it was terrible. I honestly thought that's what dying felt like and that i was going to die. When I was in the shower I was sitting down and all I kept saying and thinking about was that I wanted it to stop. It never felt like it was going to stop and i felt like i was in a different world where time didnt exist. Even though my boyfriend assured me it would be over soon and that it has only been a few minutes when it felt like 30. And my boyfriend said the best thing to do was stand up in the shower. So he got in and helped me stand up. And when I was standing I felt terrible, like I was about to throw up. So I told him I wanted to sit back down so he sat me down and I ended up throwing up. And it was a lottt. Throwing up felt like it was the climax of it all because it was all black and everything in my head was going crazy. It still never felt like it was going to end. To make a long story short, it died off a little, I threw up again (every time I threw up I felt a little better afterwards) and after a while it was almost gone but I felt exhausted. When I woke up the next day I still felt exhausted but by the end of the day I felt completely normal. But now I'm scared because I never ever wanna go thro that again.
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2 Responses Jul 22, 2012

haha the same thing happened to me like the 10th time I smoked... it was some strong weed. I like to call it "reaching your limit", because once you know where your limit is, you know when to stop taking hits. Also, your tolerance will increase dramatically if you smoke a little more often. I've been at it for about 8 months now and I've only had an experience similar to yours once.

yeah, i have done weed a few times since then but iv only taken like one little tiny hit and ive been fine :] and as my tolerance goes up i think i will be able to do a little more and be fine :]

if you want to hear my whole story with a bunch more in depth detail, message me or comment here! cause its craaazy.