Bad Weed Trip

it was the summer and i'd just got back from amsterdam, so i'd been spending most of my time smoking weed. that day i was supost to meet my two friends before meeting others so we could roll a quick one and then head off, i was feeling really depressed that day more so than usuall (i think this maybe be why i might've tripped out) we shared the zoot around and everything felt fine it was just funny, a normal high but then my friend started to telling us that she didn't feel right and that she didn't want to be high anymore this freaked me out abit and things started to get weird, we were in the park and everywhere looked like a fuz and the world felt like it was circling around me seperating me from everyone making me feel like i could speak to anyone or ask for help, i started to get this really loud buzzing noise in my head like it was coming out of me and i wasn't just earing it with my ears like it was inside me it was horrible my friend then asked me if i wanted the next pull and everything my friends said sounded like i had heard it before like they were just repeating themselves like the whole world was repeating and repeating and then i got this horrible fear that it would never end and the world would continue to repeat it's self over and over again and then i calmed myself down because i thought it was a dream i didn't remember getting to the park or why i was there so i knew then that it must of been a dream i tryed to wake myself up until i got this consistant realization that this was real life i can't explain but it was like my mind was constantly reminding it's self that this wasn't a dream and that i was going to die this is when i started to really panic my heart started to beat really fast and it started to really hurt pounding against my chest and i could breath properly like something was covering my face i screamed at my friends telling them i was having a heart attack i started screaming and crying and it felt like they were laughing at me like they were all against me but it really wasn't the case it felt like the world went much wider like what it looks like on a really wide flat screen tv and there were times when it would feel like i could here my heart beating the buzzing noise the world was spinning my speach was slured i could see all these flashing colours i couldn't breath i could hear myself screaming and crying and then there'd me times when everything would we normal but it would be dead silent and i wouldn't even be able to hear my own voice but i'd still be screaming sometimes things would get really bad everything would start flickering and i wouldn't be able to see my friends anymore like i wasn't even with them and all i could see was this black whole swirling with other colours i was trying to get the words out, to cry for help some more but i couldn't explain what i was seeing i was trapped in this massive circle and it felt like this on going pain everywhere so much thoughts were flying through my head at the same time i thought that soon it would stop and i'd wake up in the hospital, i thought god was punishing me i thought no one would ever find me behind the bushes, i thought i'd become insane i thought if i didn't die i was going to go and tell people how wrong this is and how no body should have to go through what i went through i thought i was going to be in the news paper for the girl who suffered the longest heart attack i thought i was in hell and alot of other disturbing things i'm not so up for talking about this carried on for a while untill my last thought was that i was just going to sit here and wait to die i heard my friends voice calling my name and things started becoming clearer i grabbed her and shouted her name looking straight at her was the only way to stop the black circle from coming back they both helped me stand and walk home i felt dizzy but nothing like before when we got to my road the road started to strech out and it felt like ages and then i felt it again all of it came back once more starting with everything repeating it's self the world becoming a fuzz the heart attack feeling the noises the thoughts my friends laughing at me the suffocating feeling the flat screen tv look (catoonylook) and then the black whole and soon as i regained my balance and sight i ran up my stairs and smashed my front door in my mum managed to calm me down after about 20 minutes or so and then everything became real again i started crying realising that no one would ever understand what i went through and everything just felt so **** i didn't move for a really long time scared that if i moved it would start up again that night i didn't sleep because everytime i layed down it felt like it was happening all over again i sometimes still get these night terrors where i feel like i'm having out of body experiences, like i'm hovering over my body and i still get nightmares the trip i didn't leave the house for a couple of days because i felt so freaked out about being outside and not being able to reach my mum because as soon as i saw my mum that day she was the only person that stopped it completely and i feared not being able to reach her or just being in the comfort of my own home, ever since then i feel depressed.. always have done but nower days it's like i care for nothing like the world isn't the same anymore and i feel kind of invinsible in a way i can't really explain but everything feels like a dream like nothings really real and this is still on going untill this day
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2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

the SAME exact thing happened to me about a month ago and i'm still scared to smoke again. I also remember thinking i'd end up dead and everything kept repeating itself. At one point I even saw my self talking saying the same thing over and over, hearing everything in a long echo. I also thought god was punishing me even though I consider myself atheist. this nonsense lasted about 4-5hours. I have no idea why it affected me like that this last time, but I just don't want to go through that fear again. glad to see it wasn't just me going insane..

the spelling is really terrible and the typos everywhere there's no puncuation but i don't give a **** and i'm not much of a story teller so i described it as best as possible