Adventure of the fuckkng night.

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#allnighter #tim Hortons coffee is saving my life# I'm going to have to pee like mad #fml#not fun cleaning up after Sab #pizza #never again

Well it all started At Tim Hortons ...

Spent hours there..
shared 2 spliffs with 4 heads...

30 min after the spliffs .... we left to go to a poker game with friends around midnight -12:30 had another spliff during the car ride.. (Didn't even ******* make it to the fun!)

The last joint we smoked really ****** me and my friend up in a really good way.. (All was well for Us)... but my other friend (Sab) holly ******* ****...I have never seen a person that ****** up in my life she was sooooo ******* stoned she couldn't stand AT ALL! (she Fell like a Ton of bricks) she was laying in the snow for like 1 hr nt wanting to move throwing up her brains

... She tried getting in the car literally fell right to her face meanwhile My friend and I are trying our hardest nt to laugh (we are mean ik, ) cause We were on a gd ******* high ( don't judge it's always 10x funnier then it actually really is...( I feel horrible for laughing... Js))....

When we thought she had passed the major part of that ******* bad trip.. We tried driving home..... Cause at that point we were all tired and just gave up on the fun we wanted to have :(

Well she barfs nt even a minute into the car ride... Spent 30 min getting that cleaned.... Now I have to drive another hour and a half to to get to her house and to bring my other friend home while on top of that it smells like fuckkng cats were raped, massacred and slathered on rotten fish and left there for weeks...

After everything gets clean and we get her a bag.. My sane friend and I were trying to find a gas station I was running on red.. 10 km more I would have been stuck no joke... With no gas in freezing cold weather fml right.. luckily we found one open.. I go and pay for my gas look what's not there my ******* phone...
My phone that has my bank cards and id

I had to borrow sabs card cause I couldn't find mine at the time..
Couldn't get my smokes :(

So I spent all night with a smelly pizza barf looking half zombie type girl while I'm driving on coffee to try and get that punch in the face... I was dying in need for wake up..
I was safe tho.. I wasn't that tired I would have pulled over Safe and soundly.....

Now I'm at work
Got a 10 hr shift ahead of me.. **** load to do... Yet I'm talking it easy Smoking another joint
(Uggh... Ppls who can't hold weed well... **** ME!!!!)
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Dec 19, 2013