Mom & Pops Was Baaad!!!

My mama was sitting at home watching television when I was a kid and kidnapped and molested for hours! And so was pops. Oh, they knew. They new I was abducted -- best (and only) friend of mine at that age ( I was 8 or 9) ran home (we lived in the same building) and urged them to come and save me from my abductor (a kid himself, only 5 years older than I was, so he told me, I recall), but they decided to stay at home and watch whatever T.V. series was airing. To this day I hate televisions sometimes, to this very day. They simply didn't believe that boy my friend when he told them the story. They thought he fabricated that "alleged" story, they told me later when I was released and returned home. I was little so I really didn't hate them or resent them at that age -- I wasn't a rebellious child to begin with, so the resentment wasn't even in my book. But I resented them 10 and 20 and 20 something years later -- now. And that really irritates the hell out of me. When mama calls here to talk to me, like today, like this whole week and I don't answer, that really gets to me, and her lack of concern and worry when it was time for her to do worry and be concerned, is so fiercefully irksome and infuriating, that I can't return her call this whole week, and pops begged me to call her when I had talked to him this week, finally. Alas, I just can't pick the phone today or these days and I can't talk to her or them at all. Maybe it'll go away? maybe it'll assuage? Who knows. Maybe. Possibly. Probably. I say Probably kuz I know me and I will soothe my anger and frustration from her upbringing soon enough. I just,,, can't now. not today and not nowadays. A note for all'o'you parents out there who read this pathetic story life experience of mine: Do not treat your child with disrespect. Do not treat your baby with scorn. Do not belittle his feelings and emotions when he gets home from school angry and upset and frustrated from kids and teachers who hurt his or her feelings. Don't! You will make the biggest mistake of your life, kuz not every child ( I AM a child for that matter) will efface his bad childhood memories just to accommodate you parents, and you mothers, and you fathers. I am ok with my father, I suppose, not best, but he sides and sided with mom all the time, all those years, so I really have nothing to say to him either. So, foolish parents, do good by your child and all of your children if you want us the children to do good by yous! Period. And that's, that story, is only the tip of the iceberg. If I feel like it and if I have time later, I will jot down more stories life experiences of my life. Right now I'm up to here (my forehead) with this nonsense called returning a call to mama. anyway...
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Jan 10, 2013