Ultimately We Split Up

I had a very bad marriage, ultimately we got divorced.  Sad, really.  It was religious differences that drove us apart.  She thought she was God, I thought she was a succubus sent from the underworld.
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Perhaps he needed to take off his sunglasses.

I think that's what my ex husband thought of me too....that I was sent from the underworld to cast him into this world of darkness


I don't know what happened to my comment - it was made late last night and I'm not awake enough yet today to remember what I wrote. Mox

Don't know exactly what you're going for here Moxie but I'll bite.<br />
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"When spoiled, self-indulgent, narcissists act out in public it's rarely pretty." <br />
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How'd I do?

Oddly enough, I agree. When someone "acts out" so publicly - as I have - with such a needy lack of self-awareness - which characterized my acting out - it's not a pretty thing to witness.

Hey El, I laughed for a good two minutes after I read your initial post. I had similar circumstances only my first husband thought he was God’s Gift… to every female within a hundred miles. I didn’t agree. Strangely enough, it was the source of much discontent in the relationship.

Paris Hilton - with fangs

OH my GOD.<br />
What the hell is a social vampire...

Yes, it would be convenient to believe that somebody forgot to close the gates of Hell on the way out. I won't speak for you, but sadly, for me, the answer was a little closer to home. You see, I believe we teach other people how to treat us. Then when they respond accordingly, we become resentful. Precious twaddle. I created my own little demon. Sure, I had a lot to work with, but had I been a different man, she would have been a different woman.

I wonder.. Seems all the women I've been involved with lately are either a) social vampires, b) emotional vampires, c) succubi. And sometimes all three. There must be some kind of open rift or something they keep spawning forth from. Not that I believe in any of that mumbo-jumbo, but I got a laugh out of that, and I needed to find some kind of witty comment. (But it is true...)

The holidays were the worst! For one thing, what do you give the person who not only HAS everything, but actually CREATED everything!