Two Time Loser

Yes, that's right.  I've been through it twice.  I'm not proud of that, not in the least.  I'd like to point my finger and say it wasn't my fault, however, I simply cannot do that regardless of innocence or lack thereof.

The first one ... simply put we were both too young, too immature, too inexperienced and he was unwilling to learn with me.  However, while we were together - while I was still trying to learn with him for the sake of our marriage, he found someone he was willing to learn with and impregnated her.  I'm sure they've learned many lessons together. 

My second was after a bad accident and the truth is that there was so much traumatic medical stuff going on that neither of us were able to cope.  It made no difference that we were best friends or loved one another.  I couldn't bear to look at him, to see the pain in his eyes as he looked at what was left of me - to see the reflection of me in his eyes.  He loved me so much that to see me go through that mess was simply too much for him and the fact that the doctors ordered no sex ended up driving him into the physically violent realm ...

Talk about life lessons learned the hard way!!! 

It happens ... we can't all claim fame to the "Leave it to Beaver" dream lifestyle with the white picket fences and zero violence with everything you'd ever dreamed of... Very few of us can.  However, that doesn't mean it can't or won't happen ... We must always believe and maintain hope ...

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1 Response Sep 9, 2007

I'm glad you haven't given up on love yet..