2012 Was A Bad Year For Me

On the new years eve 2011 I was in München spending my winter holidays with my german boyfriend. I had come to visit him for three weeks and it was the longest period of time we were physically together since we only could meet on longer holidays. I do not really know what happened that night, we were a very happy couple and we were very in love with each other. But suddenly that evening, we both felt annoyed by just the present of each other. Earlier that evening we had been on a Christmas Classical music concert and we had listened to some of our favourite pieces of Händel that we both enjoyed. We went to a cozy café/bar to celebrate the new years eve and then very late went home to watch the fireworks in the lake-park nearby. It was the weirdest night of all, because even though the evening went on really well, we felt so unhappy and we broke up before 2012. The next year that followed was horrible, and I still don't understand why we broke up but another part in me thinks it's good. I am not a terrible person or someone who can not control my own feelings, but something unexplainable happened that night. Have someone else also experienced this?
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 8, 2013