A Badass Time

I got with my ex in 2009. It lasted until Aug 2011. But in reality it crashed and burned early 2010 and definitely by September 2010 it was a nightmare. He claimed he loved me and yet he tried to control me. He didn't trust me and in my opinion that is a surefire way to lose someone. He didn't like me going out especially with one single g/f of mine in particular. He said that he didn't do that to me. So I pointed out ok but I didn't ask you to not go out. You made that decision yourself. You can't expect me to do the same to please you. It may sound nasty but I don't believe in changing for a guy. And I certainly don't believe in abandoning your friends.

There were so many bad things that happened and that made me feel so unwanted. From simple things like text messages that simply said "if you want" when I asked did he want to meet me :( It's nice to hear something like "of course!! I can't wait to see you xx"

I will admit here that I am bipolar and was off my meds at the time. So I guess I was very flighty anyway and extremely sensitive. But the worst thing is he knew about my illness and he never stopped to consider his actions and more so his words. Of course we both hurt each other. But I had to get out before I ended up sick. I did anyway. I was in hospital last year for 2 months following a suicide attempt. Being off the meds and in such a mentally wearing r/ship did not help me one bit!!

I guess there were good times but when they are so hard to remember you have to think " ok time to move on". I hope that he meets someone right as do I for myself. He may have been wrong for me but that doesn't mean he is wrong to all.

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You should move on with life. And when you find the right person,
and just make sure he know all about you. This comes from someone
who knows about bad relationships. For i was in one from 2000 to 2007.
She put me through we you know. She cheated on me and all it just
broke my heart. But if there is someone you loved in the past and they loved you.
Then see if you can get back together. Because I did and I'm happy now.