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Bad Bad Bad Trip On Weed

Okay, well i had been smoking weed since i was 14, not heavy but at least once a week till i was 18. So this one time me and my gf were smoking cones, I had one...then right away i felt it hit me hard!

I felt brain dead, my heart was pounding so fast i felt like i had just ran a marathon, I freaked out.
I said to my gf PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE PLEASE, but it took forever to come out of my mouth, it took forever for me to be able to say the next word. i felt like i had to wait a thousand years befor i could say or do anything, SO I FREAKED OUT, i tryed to fight the feeling, i tryed to pull out off it, i felt like i was going to dye, so i the next words i said was I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! i was saying my good byes, my gf didnt know what was happening, she was high and having a gd trip. i started crying i ran inside and woke her mother up i tould her i was high and that my heart was going to expoled, i felt like i new the meaning of life...i truly though i was dying i felt my self slip away, It was my thoughts that were scarying me.

I was laying down on my gfs mothers bed, i said call an ambulance!!!
Everything was repeting, i knew what was going to happen, Everything i did, didnt happen for a reson, it just happend, no matter how hard i tryed to pull out of this i felt like i couldnt and that i was dying, i was so scared, i didnt want to die, I kept comming back but then i couldnt stay there,

the ambulance came, thay asked me Questions but i just tould them, that  I had smoked weed and now i feel like my heart is going to explode and that im dying, the man, was trying to keep me carm i grabed his hand and i tould him DO YOUR JOB DONT LET ME DIE PLEASE!!!

we got into the ambo and i thought i hurd my mum and my grandpearents saying goodbye to me on the raidio telling me they love me and that its okay . and i went to hospital, then i felt parranoied, like the nurse was laughing at me, i screamed at them and said SHUT UP!!!! STOP IT!!! My gf came with me, she was the only person i felt that could save me, i felt that she kept me in the right place, she made me carm, but then it will come back, and everything would repeat, i kept telling my gf to never to this again, i kept thinking i wish i had never had done this....

Now Everyday i think about that night- not one day have i not thourght about it...

Please if you read this! Dont do drungs! some people can handle it some people carnt...ur better off not knowing... xxooxx

rahrah123 rahrah123 18-21, F 26 Responses Jan 27, 2011

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It's been four years since I wrote this- I'm so sorry I didn't reply to anyone- I wasn't expecting anyone to understand or to have similar experiences to mine so I never checked back.

Re reading what I wrote brings back really horrible memories- for months after this I was on medications particularly seroquil and the XR version of seroquil- I believe my life change from the very moment I smoked weed with my now ex girlfriend- and I still wish i hadn't done It. I've tried commuting suicide and have been admited into mental health long stay hospitals

And it all seems back to the thoughts I had that night

I was in a drug psychosis for many months and it has caused my life a lot of damage-

The chemical reaction within my brain and the Weed just don't react well - it's not for everyone, but I stand by what is say- you're better off not knowing-


propably the same thing happend to me. I am from Czech republic so my english is not that good... But. I was 13 years old and that da I was in school. After school me and my friends went to smoke some weed. I´ve tried to smoke regular joint like two times before that and nothing happend to me.. Not at all... But this time my friends had something like pipe. They took a plastic bottle and they put metail foil in it and of course weed. They said its gonna be strong cuz its something special... And I used to be kind of a kid like : I not scared of anything, always was crazy/strong kid... So that time I inhale that weed from bottle like really heavily/very much. and tried to push some blood in my head - like pressure... If ou know what I mean. Then I did some squats... And feel nothing. After 5 minutes we went home together. And I started to feel something like flour in my mouth and my eyes started to be really heavy. Then suddenly I had the worst feeling ever. It was much worse than death - this is what I think even if I dont know what is death like. I felt like to be in cage. Out of my body. Its really hard to describe.. But it was like I already knew that Iam dead and this is dream that I cannot run/disappear from. It was like in if I was in PC game with bad resolution screen. My arms were itchy/pins and needles. I triend to touch/tweak my body and I feel nothing. My heart was beating so so f*****g fast. I had feeling like I couldnt breathe. And a started to panic. As less I was mooving/doing anything - then it was worse and worse. Much more intenzive. I started to loose my mind where I am, what I am doing... ect. Then I just ran home. I rang the bell and my mom opened the door. I was just tottaly out of my mind. I had some tea. and tried to fall asleep. After 3 hours I finally fell asleep. Next day I seemed to feel better.. But from that day I fet somehow different. Psychically... But anyway I thought that feeling has gone. I´ve never smoked again.BUT. After one year my dad bought a really fast motorcycle. And he took me for a ride. We were on highway and he drove really fast. I had that feeling again. Even I didnt smoke weed a year. I started to panic and hit him to stop.. After a year I get into a big fight of 10 people and had that feeling again. The same year I was on rollercoaster. And got it again. I said to myself. There must be something wrong with me. It was like flashbacks/my brain had this feeling every time I was scared of something. I used some antidepressives for a year - but I didnt feel any change. So I started with gym and felt little better. But not the same as before that first accident like I was 13. But from this time I started to be scared of things - because If I thought something could be scared - I can get that feeling again. So I stopped to be that crazy/strong kid... I started to be scared of swim further in water, I started to be scared of heights, of flying,....ect.
I totally changed. Started to be more conservative. But had also problems with concentration at school... In summer 2013 I was in states. I stayd in Hollywood for some weeks - in my friends house. One night before I went sleep - I went into his kitchen and took some small cakes from his fridge. It taste really weird - but there wasnt anything else except of beer. So I had one of these cakes and the fell asleep. I had really the worst dream ever. My dream was about the weed feeling. But I woke up and found out its not dream. That cake was made from weed. I started to yell and my friend was scared. He thought I wanted to kill him. On that time the feeling was much much stronger then ever before. I had hallucination about time. I started to forget things. I thought to take knife and kill myself - run out of this dream. I looked on time and it was 2:53 I went to toiled wash my face, pee, vomit, brushed my teeth I came back look at time and it was still 2:53. I called my friends and my mum to czech republic. I thought I was about to die. Last time I had this feeling was like 4 months ago when I was at gym and i started to pla with a towel in my hands like wounding around of my hands fast. And it was tottaly the same feelings on my hands like when I was high. And this process with towel started the feeling in my brain for like 10 minutes. So I found out I can cause the feeling mechanicly. My brain propably remember that feeling and because of that towel it started again. Now I know I will have this problem in my head/in my mind to the end of my life. I dont know what to do. I´m telling you guys who dont trust - Its worse than anything else. Its like nightmare. I dont wish that feeling to anyone. Not even to my worst enemy...

My trip i had wasnt as bad as some of these but i think i took to much. Me and my friend that smokes everyday from the time he wakes up til when he sleeps were smoking out of his bong and he was joking about how small of hits i was taking so i thought i would be a bad *** and take a huge as hit like how i do my vape that his 24mg of nicotine. But after that his everything slowed down and i couldn't move i felt like i was in a empty room with just me and him we where in his room with the door closed i finally got up and started walking alround i felt llike i was crying but i wasnt then the thought kept comimg to my mind was what if he laced this and i had to sit at his house for 2 hours which felt like 5 hours because time moves so slow when you high but i started skateboarding and i felt better but i decided to drive home i almost got hit by a truck by turning in his lane and whem i got home which was like at 5 i didnt wake up til 6 a.m. my dad came in my room because he thought i was dead after that day i learned my limit

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The same thing happened to me. I never smoke weed and I was with a friend who smokes all the time and wanted to try it. Well I have done other drugs much more hardcore (anything is hardcore compared to weed). And I hit that thing like it was a cigarette. BIG MISTAKE! I started feeling like I was floating away like someone else took over my body. I only remember bits and pieces of it and some flash back visions. Everything kept repeating just like with you and when I would try and "come back" I wouldn't stay long and my brain would go off again. My friend I was with said I was scared of him and thought he was trying to kill me. I was banging my head off walls and acting plain crazy. Well we happened to be in a hotel room that night and the cops were called due to all the commotion. I was taken to the local ER and I will NEVER smoke weed again. It just doesn't agree with me or I did too much. Nevertheless I'm not going to try it again. I hated the way it made me feel and I keep thinking about that night over and over it literally traumatized me. I know it sounds ridiculous especially to someone who has been smoking weed for a while but this is the only drug in my system. I had blood and urine drug screens at the hospital because they wanted to make sure I wasn't given GHB (the date rape drug). People may laugh at this but it was definitely scary for me and I can't and won't bring myself to ever try it again.

Well this was a trip I got last night, my first bad trip it seems, and reading these stories have really helped me because I thought that I was like alone in how I felt but apparently not. My trip was a little different and not as serious as some of these got but it has really ruined my relationship with my friends I think. I remember I just did one bong hit but I must have like done it wrong or something or the weed could have been laced? My friends were fine though when they did it but they had smoked it from a pretty small pipe. Anyways I did the hit, and like I could feel the effects right away which I usually don't (I did get this weed from a different dealer so I've never smoked it before.) I was starting to wobble a bit I think while standing so my friends had to tell me to sit on my bed. So this was like over 5-7 minutes in of me doing my toke, and my one friend was smoking out of her pipe when my vision like blurred into static and I totally couldn't think anymore. My ears went numb and everything felt like I wasn't there. I don't even know what to say but I think like my head was physically moving a little bit while my mind was like tripping out horribly. I came to my senses a bit when I heard one of them say "she" and the next moment I found myself standing up while my one friend made me sit down again. This was the only crazy thing that happened last night really besides me throwing up once near the end of the night, which I feel super ****** about. (I was the only one who got sick too.) But my friends described my little episode there as though I was doing some freaky horror movie **** yknow like when a girl's head moves around really rapidly and stuff. At least that's what I believe had happened because I still can't really remember it. I don't even know if I was saying anything while it happened, but it did last a good 30 seconds or so (felt like a minute of what happened to me.) My two friends were really freaked out the rest of the night though before they went home so I'm feeling super crappy about everything that happened but it seems like I just had a really bad trip last night and maybe some spastic episode? I don't know how "psychotic" it was so I don't want to really use the term, but I do think my friends may stop smoking with me, which is fine because I don't want to subject them to something like that again. Anyways, I'm hoping that we'll still be on good terms but idk.....I still think I'd like to smoke weed but maybe stay with the weed I was used to smoking beforehand or just use the smallest amount of weed that I got from this other dealer. It was a ****** up night though for that and I'm really sad and feeling regret about everything that happened. If people don't want to experience things like this then drugs are definitely not for you, so please educate yourself before beginning with anything. The first times I've done it have been incredibly fun and never like this, so this was the first time I've ever reacted really badly to anything. I hope I'll be okay later on. Good luck everyone, you are not alone when you go through a bad experience like this!

You are the only person who explained your trip the way mine happened. I cant smoke weed anymore, i got told it was a psychotic episode. I was smoking with my friends at a friends house, I felt fine and then all of a sudden I felt like I couldn't move. I didn't have brain process. I was moving my arms and it felt like my arms would sink into whatever I laid them on, I started to realize.. and I thought I was dead and I was stuck in this room for the rest of my "life" because I died there. I could hear my friends saying things they weren't saying. They were saying "I want to stop smoking weed" and then another friend would reply "Yeah it makes me freak out." I reached out to smack the table in front of me because I was so scared, I smacked it and everyone start laughing, I snapped back into reality for a couple seconds and tried to play it cool and I told them I was joking, and then I started getting the thoughts, I couldn't stop thinking, random thoughts would come into my head, I told my friends that each of my thoughts was a letter of the alphabet and that everytime I would take a step it would get colder, and it would hurt, like my skin was peeling. I was actually experiencing pain, that wasn't there. I told them I needed to leave, and so we left, I tried to put my shoes on and I fainted. I remember waking up and one of my friends got in my face asking who let me smoke, he wasn't there when I got high, but my friend called him. I pushed him out of my face and he fell to the ground not expecting that from me. I felt like I couldn't walk and I started yelling the alphabet in random order "a, d, g, i, w, q, o" and then I told them that I could see dead people, which I dont remember. I fainted again, and everything repeated all over. I woke up, and everyone left. I was by myself and my one friend came and took me to her house ( which was quite a far distance) the whole walk to her house I was convinced she was "kid napping" me, I got to her house she tucked me into bed and I woke up the next morning with people telling me I chased them trying to hurt them and thats why everyone left, they told me I was crazy.. but I didnt try to do these things, I also had many bruises and cuts all over my hands.. Crazy crazy night..

Im 20 now, i started smoking pot when i was 13 & was fine when i was 16 i started smoking weed heavily everyday putting a 10bit in every joint or in 2 maximum. I use to be okay with it only panicking a little when i felt my heartrace but i knew i was fine becos everybody elsw was okay.. i got a tolerance after awhile but i got really angry & got really deep thoughts. Soon i thought i was being followed and sometimes while walking home i would hear audio hallucinations & nobody was around, or i would hear drum&bass or think i was paralized one of my trips i was in my bedroom with my friend who knew i had bad trips & she asked what i was thinking & i told her "the c.i.a has come into my house lifted up my carpet and placed a recording device in my floor and they're listening now and we're all going to die (i was sat on the floor at this point and thought i could feel the device i also started listing off ways we were all going to die that night)" safe to say i freaked my friend out. The best way i can get any of you reading this to understand the way it changed my minds state is to youtube 'salad fingers' i've been clean now for 2/3 years & my heads still messed up. I know it triggered psychosis in me and i think a schitzophrenia phase. I started thinking about murdering my family, always scouted cameras wherever i went, thought my friends could read my mind, never went into my house if people or cars were around & always planned how i'd kill someone if they attacked me. I use to think there was people watching me at night in a forest i walked past & turned very angry. I stopped after coming accross 'salad fingers' on youtube by a friend & straight away noticed i was exactly thinking the same and something was wrong. I got really skinny and my hair fell out & i quickly wasted atleast £1000. Please don't always believe people when they say weeds always good cos they are wrong. Bad trips don't always happen but sometimes they do & chasing it knowing you had a good time before does NOT mean it's good. For anybody i would say please do yourself and family a favour and stop or don't start. It's really not worth the money or time go karting or paintballing or buy that top or shoes you want instead. Don't waste your money on drugs like i have, it's a massive regret of mine. Take care. Yolo.

LOL that sucks really bad for some of you guys damn. disagree with you saying better off not knowing though.. marijuana is great if you're optimistic and positive :) so try everyone! good vibes!

Don't you feel like these stories sound like a bad shroom trip? Haha just saying...

i had this same kind of trip 3 weeks ago , im still terrified by it, even now sumtimes i go back to that state even when im not high please tell me some ways to forget it and go back to normal

That's what would happen to me. It was days after I smoked and I went to a restraint with my family and was trying not to freak out

Hey man, just read over what you were saying. <br />
<br />
People who do drugs open themselves up to a lot of things chemically in the body. I have had the same freak out but mine was a personal trigger such as after i would smoke i would get this sensation i couldn't feel my fingers and once that thought crept into my head the bad trip would always start to happen. And my trip is basically where Everything slows down, and seems like when it something is moving it leaves a trail with it like a phase, and seeing that when tripping balls could either make you laugh or freak out. And yes i had this experience also where i thought i was god and knew everything and thought i knew the meaning of life but, it actually helps to talk to someone and remember you will be okay. If you honestly think its going to end then what you need to do is look in the mirror in your bathroom or something and think of all the happy thoughts you can think of and before you know it you'll start to forget about your trip. <br />
<br />
<br />
So be careful but hell, have fun!

When you smoke marijuana your heart rate increases and if you're sort of a panicky person to begin with then you're more likely to notice it and feel the effects a little harder than most people which can induce a full blown panic attack. It freaks you out because when you're having a panic attack your body produces adrenaline which activates your fight or flight instinct. When you're that high and that amped up it's hard to think rationally and calm down. Trust me I've been there and I know exactly what you're talking about. It's absolutely horrifying because you feel like you're having a heart attack and like it will never end. This has only happened to me a handful of times, and what's always helped me calm down is to tell myself that I'm just high and that it will eventually be over and, like someone else on here said, that no one has ever overdosed or died smoking marijuana. Also if you can feel this start to happen or if it's getting really intense take a warm bath. This has ALWAYS worked for me. There's something very calming about being in water (I suppose it goes back to being in the womb). Also moderation. You don't need to smoke a whole blunt or joint or whatever to get high. Really all you need is a couple of good hits and you'll feel good and you won't have a panic attack:-)

Perfect explanation and anyone who has a bad trip needs to have it a couple times and realize they live through it and that's when they get their mind right, and become a less anxious person. And that is the medical use of marijuana

I took two joints a some bhaang candies yesterday and after 20 minutes it began to kick into my system.In the first hour of my trip i was high on weed but after an hour later bhaang kick into my system and i was convinced that i was far away in another dimension and i was watching me and my friends like watching a TV show or something.First i freaked out and tried to fight it but at last i surrender and to tell you the truth i enjoyed it in the end.I was able to visualise my self in different realms like on a beach with emerald skies silvery white fountains flowing from black landscapes and mountains and i saw my self as a third person.I saw myself roaming on the beach having black grass.I was as a black shadow creature.I lost my sense of time and forgot every thing.I was like a free soul wandering in different realiltes created by my mind.The emerald and silver beach was one of its example.I was dancing and i felt like music and light was ouzing out from my body.As i had no sense of time at all i thought i danced for an eterinity.I was not able to hear my own voice when i tried to speak.After dancing i ate like i was hungry for years and was watching my friends talking to each other.I was watching myself talking to them from other reality like peeping on a family from a hazy window.I am unable to recall what we were talking about.I asked my friends today what i was talking about.They replied I was trying to tell them the meaning of life and our existence as a human being and realities we create in our mind.

I agree, same thing happen to me I thought I was going to die my heart was beating so fast and all I did was smoke weed I'm scared to ever touch it again It's the scariest experience of my life and I hope someday I can get over what I felt. are you back to normal? It's be 24 hrs and I feel a little loopy and woke up with a headache today and can't hear from my left ear this is crazy, I'm glad I'm not the only one that has gone through this Hope you can email me back to get a little advice.

This one time i was in really bad shape. I couldnt stop my brain frm thinking. My mind was racing ahead of time and head was consuming evry little thoughts like a black hole. A moment came when it occured to me that we are all part of a bad trip of a God and He is so high His mind is hallucinating our world. Basicly He is also fuckd up bad. My head nearly exploded with visuals and images.

This one time i was fuckd up. I couldnt stop my brain frm thinking. My mind was racing ahead of time and head was consuming evry little thoughts like a black hole. A moment came when it occured to me that we are all part of a bad trip of a God and He is so high His mind is hallucinating our world. Basicly He is also fuckd up bad. My head nearly exploded with visuals and images.

WOW that happend 2 me i was at college it was lunch time my friends were smoking weed.I tock like 5 hits. 5 mins later my body was shaking i couldn't breath so i whent in side the college i Couldent even find my class i walked passed my class room and the teacher saw me and said where are u going i whent to my class and i sat down i could not breath my body was tingling so i said to the teacher can i go 2 the toilet he said yes i left my bag and went out of the college scared so i called an
ambulance the ambulance can i couldnt even talk the guy said what is your date of birth i said 19th 19th 19th/june/1995 they tock me to the hospital then when i left i couldn't even go home i was confused i remember me pulling out a ciggaret and lighting it the i tock like 2 pulls and then my bus came so i just put the ciggaret in my pocket while it was lighted ......................................................................................... then i whent home tock a shower and when 2 sleep

Lmfao. I had a terrible trip last night and was able to slow my heart down by taking myself to another place. I knew that marijuana is harmless and the trip was mostly in my mind so I shift my attention from my heart which felt like it was going to explode to a mental image I concocted of me riding a horse in an open field. My heart slowed almost immediately and I was practically normal in 5 minutes. Remember kids, this stuff has been around for thousands of years without one reported death or real acute adverse effect. If you worry too much on a bad trip you'll just ends up psyching yourself into getting unnecessary medical attention and embarrassing yourself.

I've had plenty of these trips, but, however much I feel like I'm about to die, I keep it in my head that it's just the weed and that it's impossible to die from too much weed.

I had a trip kind of simular to yours but i think mines may have been alot worse. I was a beginer at smoking weed and for about a month it seemed alright i liked it til one night i smoked with my brother and my cousin and it changed my entire life! So it started off i took my first hit out of a homemade bong and got relaxed passed it around then after my 2ndlove hit it hit me hard everything just started to repeat over n over again it was like a de ja vu feeling and it skared me i started to freak out. My mind was telling me this aint right my heart started to beat sooo hard n fast i thought i was guna die. I tryed to explain to my bro wat was going on but as i tryed to explain everything kept repeating and my bro just kept laughing at me. I started to cry and prayed to god to plz take the feeling away n id never touch any type of drug again. The repeating happened for the rest of the night till i fell asleep i woke up in the morning and thought to myself NEVER AGAIN will i do that. As i got up to go about my day that feeling came bak! Everything i did repeating. It was so skary. I wanted to be alone and it went away but after that i just felt so different.i went to the doctor a month later bkuz of how i was still feeling they wanted to make me talk to a phyciatrist i knew i wasnt crazy so i left n delt with it on my own. I have bad anixiety now and i dropped out of high school and didnt feel the same for about a year after im fine now but ill never touch any drug again.

Ok so I thought I was the only one who just couldn't handle weed. Which was weird bc I used to be able to smoke all the time with NO issues! I started getting bad bad trips like thought I was dying and **** was coming out of my skin! I felt like I was going crazy! I told people about these experiences I was having but they all just laughed and said I was thinking too much! It's def not a funny thing for people who have actually gone thru it! So after feeling like I was the only one and wanted to find out what was wrong with me, I googled "why do people have psychotic episodes on weed" (bc that's what I felt was happening when I smoked) what I found was pretty helpful! It's a gene called COMT it regulates dopamine but for some people the gene is bad and produces too much dopamine! (which might not matter unless you throw weed into the mix) weed taps into that dopamine, for people who have a bad COMT gene what happens is it basically opens up the dopamine floodgates in our brains! Causing panic and psychotic episodes! Hope I have helped in some way :)

Fezwell, are you saying that this same trip happened to you? You are correct after this happened it changed my life around completly for the better.

Happens to a lot of ppl who smoke its just a bad trip more or less i went through it to and it wasnt really something i liked but the last thing you wanna do is try and fight it and panic and dont let this experience stop you from smoking if anything it should open a hole new world and change your views on everfything around you

Okay so i was an every day smoker for about a year and then this crazy *** trip hit me and i think that the dude i bought from laced my bud with k2, that legal ****. Okay so my story is defiantly the most crazy i've seen yet..One night i smoked a big *** bowl of dank.. about 5 minutes later, i was balled up in a corner thinking i was about to die. I felt like my brain was swelling. i know that for some reason my brain was swelling, because when i looked in the mirror my forehead was swollen about a half inch.. I was also hallucinating..I remember feeling as if my brain was bursting outside of my head creating a balloon type feeling. Along with this there were what felt like tusks growing out of my nose. i was also ejecting a thick gooey nasty paste out of my nose and got it all over my shirt.. I'm still not quite sure what that was. my heart was also racing very fast and i think at one point i had a mild heart attack because of the pain in the arm. But i did not ask for help from anyone.. i smoked again after this and the trip came back, but not as bad. for the next 6 times every time i smoked the trip got more and more mild. i am now an everyday smoker again and haven't had the trip in about a month. DONT GIVE UP ON WEED EVERYONE CAN HANDLE IT.. YOU JUST HAVE TO WANT TO..<3

Same thing happened to me.but mine was worse I couldn't see I went blind for a couple of minutes as if there were flash lights in both my eyes, I kept getting these jolts amd shocks from inside, I thought It was my final minutes of life I tried to reason with spare me and not take me, I saw my friend and told him to tell my girl I loved her and to twll my family that I was sorry I wasn't perfect. This all happend in less than a hour. <br />
<br />
But I relaxed and sat on the curve of the street and try to get my vision back so i can walk home. But what i learned is you need to relax and not move and try to snap back to reality and plan things for tomarow so your brain starts working more and you get off that bad trip. After that experience I went to alcohol swore never to touch canabis again.

thats spot on to my trip haha you were actually almost about to pass out haha i experienced the same vision loss and i got a weird ringing in my ears that blocked out all the noise around me it was truly amazing and alcohol is probably a worse alternative then pot

oh my God!! I had the same exact thing happened to me and then i found out it was not pure weed. However, I saw my husband go through stages as he got older, ten years older. while he was holding me, he won't let me go and i feel he brought me back to life. His only concern was, Do you love me babes, because I love you, I can hear him but couldn't answer as the world was crumbling around me and i just wanted him to save me.<br />
<br />
Its the most awful feeling, I woke up the next day and thought that my husband and kids were given to me and I was part of some game.<br />
<br />
Yes please don't do drugs, not for everyone.

I know exactly what you are going threw....just reading what you said about knowing the meaning of life made my stomach drop and feel all empty inside. My heart raced and everything its very weird how you had the same feelings and thoughts i did. I agree with you 100 percent I use to be able to handel smoking weed and one day I just couldnt do it anymore because I got like this. I think about it all the time as well I cant stop thinking about either once I start my mind starts to race

I quiet somking because of this...but it still seems to get worse and won't go away