Too Many Truffles

Well, after a day out eating Mexican laughing mushrooms my mate fed me truffles from the physco deli! I'd not tried them before and now I remember him saying about 6 popcorn sized truffles is about right. At the time, being young and sometimes stupid, when presented with a cereal bowl full of truffles, I ate the lot! For about 3 hours I had giant flying insects outside the window. They only went away if I hid in a sleeping bag but every time a hid in the sleeping bag skeleton arms started to scratch me and Puffins tried to peck my eyes out! It was a no win situation! Luckily we was in Jersey, a small island off the coast of France which is quite safe, and downing half a bottle of vodka and getting the bus for a tour of the island cleared my head! Not doing that again!!  
danpockets danpockets
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2 Responses Apr 7, 2012

LMAO thats what you do every week!

Well not this week anyway