Man, That Was Painful...

A few years ago, I was talking on the phone very late at night in my backyard and I was sitting in one of the chairs we have. One of my legs had fallen asleep, but I forced myself to get up and when I did... That was a bad idea.

I kept tripping with every step I took until I finally allowed myself to hit the ground screaming. At first, I didn't feel any pain because my entire leg was still numb. Then I noticed my ankle was at a weird ankle. That's when I realized I wasn't walking on my foot, I was walking right on my ankle. That's why I was tripping. I bent my ankle over with each step I took. I was literally walking like a zombie with a broken ankle.

A few moments after I hit the ground, the numbness in my leg left me... and that was when all hell broke lose and the unbelievable pain kicked in and throbbed at my ankle. I considered calling 911 at first, thinking I broke my ankle but my friend on the phone told me that it would have been hurting a lot more if I broke a bone, that I'd be screaming bloody murder. He told me it was probably just a sprain and to see if I can walk even if just a bit, but I couldn't. I eventually hung up on him so I can try to call for help, but my parents were dead asleep and I couldn't wake them and have them come outside and help me up and into the house so I had no choice but to literally crawl into my house and try not to hit my bent ankle on anything and whimpering every time I did.

Thankfully it was over the summer and I didn't have school. I was in bed unable to walk well for a good part of the summer. I just hobbled around and tried not to put any weight on it. It was a very bad sprain. Very black and blue and swollen. It looked awful. To this day, I still can't bend my right ankle too well anymore without feeling a bit of a strain. I can do that with my left ankle, but not my right one, which is where I got the sprain from. I haven't been able to do it ever since.

But yeah, that was, to this day, my very worst and most painful trip. No bloody way will I force myself to walk on a numb leg again. I don't want to risk my ankle bending over and me winding up walking on it again. I am very careful about getting up if one of my legs is numb now. Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.
deadmoon deadmoon
22-25, F
May 4, 2012