I Had A Really Bad Mdma Trip

I was at a party a few weekends ago, it was an outside camp out... the weather was terrible, but we were all having the time of our lives laughing about the tents and how muddy they were.
everything was perfect, my friends and I were all quite high and a bit tipsy.. we bombed the MD and started to listen to the heavy Dub that was playing. About 20 minutes after I bombed I sat down with my boyfriend and told him how wonderful everything was and how happy I was feeling, yano, the standard good MD feeling:) 
then all of a sudden, I turned around and warned everyone that something really bad was about to happen. I collapsed and my eyes rolled into the back of my head. Everything was spinning and all I was aware of was utter terror and dread. I felt like things were coming to get me from every angle, including from inside. My friends tell me that I was shouting that I was blind and that the 'love had run out'. I went in and out of consciousness for around half an hour and all the while looking and feeling completely terrified. Even now, when I think about it I start to feel shaky and irritated. Eventually I came round but apparently my memory was very bad, I kept repeating questions and asking where I was and if I was safe.
In the morning I found that eating was a problem and I was very shocked when I tried to yawn, every normal function felt like it had to be relearned, I was so nervous and paranoid. 
weirdly, that morning, the MD seemed to hit me again, but in a positive way and I was once again telling people how wonderful everything was and touching the grass and people hair as if they were the greatest things in the world. 
it hasnt put me off MD for good, because I'm still aware of how ******* brilliant it feels, I think I'll always crave that feeling. Im still trying to figure out what my trigger was that night.. From now on I'm going to make sure that everything is in place for a positive and pleasant trip.. This is the first time I've really put into words how bad it was, people have asked and I've just said that it was the worst thing I could've imagined. Im not sure if anyone will benefit from this post, but I think it's made me feel a little better... I just hope it doesnt happen again. And if it happens to anyone else, I hope they're friends look after them as well as mine did. PEACE OUT :)
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Hi, glad u r ok, lately i had a bad trip without the good feelings, the moment E hit me my sister with whom i came to the party decided to leave me with a friend i barely knew, instead of feeling happy, i went staight to hell, chewing instoppably, feeling like i was gonna die, i couldn't touch see or feel anything, after dripping sweat and vomiting i went back to normal, i was so happy to be back to the normal i was escaping from, it hit me back the next day then i had xananax and slept for 20h, i wish i relaxed that night and reverse the effect, i realized how ****** up i am, if i don't love my self, e won't make me, even if the first time was magic, thx again for sharing your story.

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Had a fairly similar experience. Probably over did some after a stressful week and not a lot of sleep. As I'm naturally an anxious person it turned into a panic attack where my bf had to hold my hand the whole time as I literally felt like my spirit was telling me to let go of my body which was terrifying as I meditate a lot and has experienced a fair amount of OOB experiences but this felt out of my own control and it was scary. I tried to focus on breathing and other things but every thing can turn it into a worse situation it is very hard to relax when you can't control things. Definitely learnt the lesson that you need to be with your loved ones and trusted people I'm case something happens and that most of the time you just need to ride it out. All the best. Xx

So I had a bad trip on molly one night everything was going good then a few minutes after I poped the pill and drank some monster with molly in it , a sudden big fear came across me it hit me out of no where I remeber SAYIN " something isn't right " and then from there it was like I was in hell my eyes started going back and fourth without my control ( I think I was overdosing while having a bad trip) it was like the devil came across me, I was feeling embarrassed , possessed , and in the most fear possibable , I was saying crazy **** like " I'm dieing " " I'm going to hell " " I'm having a bad dream " " this is so em easing you guys will never hang out with me again " I was saying weird **** and it felt like I was pooping or peeing my pants ( which I didnt ) and felt like my legs were bending backwards . It really felt like I was possessed and I was in hell . Then I started acting crazy sweating to death running around naked jumping on cars getting aggressive , and I was really really really horny then I blacked out I don't remeber the rest. I know how Ptsd ( post traumatic stress disorder ) and a panic disorder and anexity disorder . I have never done any drugs I won't even take Advil . I am so tramtizued . I live in fear ... I can't get over to think that I actually died that night and I'm now in hell and everything that happened that night is gonna happen to me again ( that's what my panic attacks are about ) because I blacked out I don't remeber if I died or not . It changed my life forever I won't even leave my house because I have to much anexity and fear . In the beganing , I couLD NOT sleep in the dark , I thought I was hearing voices. If someone would look at me for too long I would get freaked out. I'm a little better now but I still can't get even get in a car without anexity hitting me. It has changed my life for ever. But the good thing is I found God and I lve by him , I never used to believe in him before or believe there was a hell . And I now do . Drugs are the devil and the devil is nothing to play with . Do not EVER do drugs . I don't know why that happened to me but It made me change for the better. I'm lucky to be alive . It just sucks I have all these mental issues now . I have a high heart rate from stress and heart palpitations from stress . Any and everything freaks me out. It's just crazy how much my life has changed and how I live in fear. I wish I had friends that went though what I went through or have the same problems as me. ( I wouldn't wish this on any ) Fear is horrible

So i can completely relate to this, horrible trip on molly had been doing it for a few years every now and then, and then that one night i swore i was dying.I still have this weird feeling of being stuck in that same exact trip, being in a dark room sets my anixety like crazy makes me feel like im still tripping balls, little things put me back in that awful space, i will never touch that stuff again!

i knw wat u mean.......i had the same feeling but the thing is dat i had too much of MD.... they say if u have it more dan ur used to u go on a bad trip. so i was on my way to dis rave n i bombed lyk .3gs den wen i reached ifelt lyk da buzz was gone n i took like .7gs n wtihin an hour i didn knw where i was(blacked out) but wen i got back to my senses, i was freakin terrified n was thinking dat sm1 was abt to stab me ...even after i had a bad trip i still luv da buzz....i would suggest ne1 not to do too much caz now i ususlly do a bit less dan haf a G n I'm usually in da perfect buzz... so im gssin the trigger for me was too much of MD

I had a super bad trip on some pills called dragonflys.I had been taking pills for some time and when I first took dragons I thought that they weren't all that they didn't hit me hard at all. So one day similar to yours we were outside smoking some weed and I was rolling and my friend and I got up to go walk around and talk. I don't remember exactly what he told me something along the lines of my aura was scary and he didn't trust me (rolling as well) Something about that sent fear thru my body I went inside and looked in the mirror then I felt my heart rate spike to 1000 beats per minute. I thought for sure that was my last night on earth and everything was freaking me out! My friends then told me that driving would help... NOPE I crashed twice and the roads felt as is they were never going to end. They were all laughing I just wanted to get home and hug my mom. I did eventually get home after chugging a gallon of milk still terrified and got in the tub and took a long warm bath. It helped tremendously. To this day I now live with anxiety. DON'T DO DRUGSS!!

I once had a bad trip on mdma too. it was an amazing place the people were nice and the music was good but it was outside and it started to get really cold in the morning. that was about the time when my trip started. i said to myself "i'm feeling good i'm feeling good" but everybody could see that i was not feeling good, i started shaking and turning pale. it went not as bad as yours but i'm pretty sure that the bad weather was the trigger!

I took my first hit of xtc and its ****** awesome. Xtc is the kinda drug that doesnt make u regretful.