Bad Trip First Getting High.

Well first of all, I really don't know how to tell a bad trip story, because I feel like there's no words to explain how bad it is. But I feel like I have to, because even if my first my trip happened about 2 months ago, I sometimes  wonder if I'm still alive or I'm going to wake up before I smoked it.

So before I smoked hash for my first time, I had smoked some weed a few times before (maybe 2 or 3 times) but never got high out of it, and as a curious guy, I wanted to know how this awesome experience feels like. After a  class that ended sooner, I had an hour before my next class, and told a friend of mine that I never could get high with weed, and then he told me that he had some hash and was going to smoke it outside with some other of our friends. I taught to myself that it was the chance to get high for the first time, and then go to my next class high, wich alot of friends told me it was awesome.
So we went outside, quite far away from school, and we took it in a plastic bottle. After they all took their first shot, I took mine, my friend told me I should feel it in about 10 seconds, but I felt it in less than 5 seconds. I taught it was awesome but one wasn't enough, so I was the first to take the second shot. I took it, but I can't remember feeling it again after 5 seconds. I was really stoned, and I knew it. I tryed to concentrate on the conversation but couldn't, and to be honest, I don't even remember what they were talking about. I looked at them and told them "Guys, I think I'm really stoned" and started laughing, but then, after realizing it took me so long to say it, and I could hear my words repeating, like a kind of echo, I started "paranoing". So I looked at them, they were all laughing alot, and their faces started to crash on me, and then everything was crashing on me, like the whole word wanted to kill me. I then knew I was hit, and hit very hard! I remember how my heartbeat was really fast, and taught I was going to die, I was shouting at my friends: "GUYS HELP ME PLEASE, HELP ME! CALL AN AMBULANCE!".  I think they were also very stoned and one of them told me, "calm down bro, you're thinking too much, just stop thinking and everything will be fine". I couldn't stop thinking, it felt like my heart was going to explode. 
At that point, I wasn't even sure if was dead or alive, I sat in a corner, while they continued laughing, and started to pray god for some help, asking him if I was dead or alive, was I going to survive, or what was happening to me. I then stood up, And ran out of that corner. Everything seemed so real to not be the real world, but everything seemed also too wierd to be real. 
I saw a guy closing the door of his car, and told him: "Please sir, LET ME SLEEP IN YOUR CAR! I NEED HELP PLEASE!" He looked at me and then went away. My friends were still laughing hard, knowing I was having a really bad trip. One of them came to me and told me: "Cmon bro, it happened to me too, just stop thinking it's all you can do." So we walked back to school. And while walking alone, I had the feeling that I was in a video, or a game, I wasn't sure again if It was the real life."
When we went inside of the school, I took a look at the clock, and it was 9:35, wich made sense, we went outside for 30 minutes. So I taught to myself, this might be the real wolrd, you're not dead! I then took a sit, and a friend of mine (a girl), told me something, and to be honest, I again don't remember what it was. But I didn't answear, and after 10 seconds, she asked me: "Bro, are you stoned?" I took a look at my friend, affrayed of looking high, who told me  to say "no" with his head. So I turned to her and said "No", and I could hear my voice echoing again.
At that moment, I still remember how I was thinking alot. I had what we call "circular taughts", and it was always like a dead end. So I went to one of my friends and told him, "Bro, you need to make it stop, I'm way too stoned please!". But again he was high and started laughing and said, "go buy some milk". Every person I had to go throught was a pain, trying to look normal while you're stoned hard is very tough. I took some milk and went to pay. While I was waiting for my turn to pay, I was looking at the ceiling, for about a minute, having circular taughts again, with my miuth oppened very big, and I realized the person behind me was looking at me, I turned my head really fast, and it was the GIRL! In fact, it was the girl of my dreams, at school, and even now I'm pretty sure she knew I was stoned, 'cause i saw that strange look on her face. I couldn't take it anymore and take the risk to get caught, so I went outside of school and went to my friends house, taking the subway (wich was scary as ****), and I ended my trip there. After that, I was in a very histerical mood, laughing alot, and crying alot, my friend told me recently that I was really annoying, that I could cry for no reasons and start laughing just after. But what was really strange was the colors, it was like I could see them and hear them at the same time.
After exactly 12 HOURS! I went back to normal, IT WAS THE WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE, and for that reason, I will never take a strong drug again

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The first time I got high was at the beginning of 9th grade. I was at a friends house, and we both had never done any drugs. We each took a piece of some weed chocolate, that tasted pretty gross. We went outside and didn't think anything of it. Then we started to play some ping pong, when I realized my tounge was going numb and my mouth was really dry. As we played we I started to get really dizzy and I remember laughing hysterically because we were playing so badly. Then my friend said that she started to feel it too. We both kind of freaked out and didn't know what to do. Then we stumbled inside to lay down. I thought I had fallen asleep, only to be woken by my friend throwing up in the toilet. This made me feel sick too, I got up barely able to walk as made my way to the bathroom. She asked why I was watching her puke, but I was there thinking I was about to blow chunks from the chocolate too. I didn't, but I still felt dizzy and out of sorts. I tried walking back to bed, but threw myself onto the spinning desk chair. The bed was too far and everything was in slow motion. It felt like my eyes were lagging behind wherever I looked, It was so trippy. I then realized that I couldn't get out of the desk chair, I was completely stuck there. My heart started beating really fast, I couldn't take it. I was freaking out, It felt like a panic attack. Knowing about panic attacks I knew I just had to breathe and that I would be okay. This would've kept me calm, but my friend started crying, and screaming about tears not coming out. This made me really scared for both of us. For a second I could feel my heart rate slow down and relax, but then it would spontanously shoot up and start racing again. This was the worst feeling I have ever experienced in my entire life! I knew we had done something wrong like eaten bad weed or too much of it, so i had my friend try to look it up. This was useless, for she was high out of her mind, and i'm not sure if she ever did look it up. I just wanted to know when it was going to be over. I kept asking what time it was, hoping it would ware off. I was stuck in a desk chair high out of my mind with no conception of how long it had been. My sister who was supposed to pick me up, called. I answered but didn't know what to say, so I just told her the truth and she came to my rescue. Being a bit of a pothead herself, she brought us ritz crackers and nutella. At this point it had been about 4 hours since we had eaten the chocolate, but it still hadn't completely wore off, and yes I was still stuck in the ******* chair. My sister had to wait while I ate my crackers, so I could eventually get up and go. My friend was already in better shape than me, for she had vomited most of it out, so her and my sister were laughing at me for some reason. I still to this day have no clue why? Once I had finally felt somewhat normal again, my sister drove me home. On the way back home she told me to look at the street lights, because they looked really cool when you're high. I remember that moment so clearly, just looking at the different colored lights that had become orbs in the sky. Once I had gotten home I was really tired and just crashed. The worst part is that I had school the next day. I briefly saw my friend, but it was really awkward and we didn't speak of what had happened. We are no longer friends and have not talked since then. After this experience I can never ask or be asked what time it is with a straight face, and don't experiment with any drugs.

Wow, go read my mushroom badtrip story, it's not the same exact thing but kind of similar, especially the echo thing... Scary ****, I feel you.