Repeating Trip

I will never forget this, i was tripping so hard. I was sitting there in my friends house and i put my head on my lap and listening to some music just chillen then i lifted my head up and thought i said something about my eyes because i thought i was dreaming and wanted to know if it was real or not adn they looked at mew and laughed and said yoo i know that kinda trip she is on right now. they were so high and laughing so hard so then i put my head down and pulled it back up and repeated everything i had just said i kept feeling like i was waking up from this dream i just couldnt tell what was real and fake, everything was spinning and different colors, they gave me something to eat, and every 3 seconds i would ask why am i eating this. they got so annoyed that i was ruining their high, because i was tripping hard as hell. I didnt know who i was, or what was going on. it was so scary. i told them to take me to my mom. i thought my heart was going to pop and my face was sinking and melting to the ground and i thought my lips were on fire in this dream, but then i woke up and i said was i saying something about my eyes and i thought the repeats were in my dream from before and it was crazy, i didnt know what to do, or where to go. i wanted to go home but i didnt think i was on earth. i would go from happy to sad to happy to angry to knowing i was tripping then back to clueless, it was a really scary expierence. i thought i wouldnt wake up from my trip and i thought id be stuck on it forever. just repeating everything i kept saying over and over and over it was insane. I thought i was going to die, so i called my ex boyfriend who i first smoked with and told him but i guess i was talking so fast that he couldnt understand me, so then i started walking home and was scared because everything went pitch black but my phone screen. I only saw my screen nothing else it was like i was in a dark room, that had no windows. i couldnt wake up from this trip but then i pulled my head up and realized i was still at my friends house saying did i say something about eyes. everything i said was in 5 minutes. when it seemed like hours, i was only sitting there reapeating everythignl
holyfuckererrr holyfuckererrr
2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Oh my, I'm so relieved to know I'm not the only one who had a trip where everything kept repeating. Thought I was watching the end of my life over and over.

That's kinda what happened to me. Well I felt like I was in 2 different worlds. And I was saying I want to get back to reality. Everything felt fake, so I tried to remember things in my house when I was in the "real world" . And I can't explain it but stuff kept repeating itself. I felt like I was gonna be in this "world" or whatever for infinite. And I thought the only way out of it was dying sometimes, but I kept saying what if dying is like this. I kept saying dumb things and asking dumb questions to my family. It was horrible , I mean at one point I threatened my family to back up cause I might kill someone. I mean in that trip I would have picked up a roach and ate it. And I hate bugs with a passion. But I wasn't myself. I didn't explain it all cause this is a response but yeah.