Bad Trip On Klimax (synthetic Marijuana)

I'm 18 and I've been smoking marijuana for a couple years already. Currently I smoke weed pretty regularly with my friends & roommate, but last year during the summer I would only smoke socially.


My friend Savannah (all names changed) was having a graduation party since we had all recently graduated from high school. All my friends and I went to celebrate & have a good time. Her parents are okay with us drinking around them so they supplied us with alcohol at the party. Once the drinks had run out, me and my friend Tyler went to this corner store down the street from Savannah's house since they don't ID anyone there lol. While Tyler was paying for the drinks, he asked the cashier something, but I didn't hear what he had asked. The cashier bagged everything & we left back to the party. Once we got there, Tyler told me he bought Klimax. I had no idea what it was. He said it was like legal marijuana. I thought "well if this is anything like weed, I'll love it" lol. Tyler had a pipe so me and a couple of friends went into this field behind Savannah's house. Tyler took the first hit, then it was my friend Carah's turn. She had never smoked anything before so she didn't know what to expect. I was next, so I took a huge hit. We just kept passing the pipe around having a good time & enjoying the party. But then suddenly it hit me. I was so frickin high! But since I knew what a weed high is like, I knew this was a different type of high. It was similar to a weed high, but more unrealistic and uncontrollable. It was like an out of body experience. I felt like I was watching myself. I didn't like the feeling, so I tried walking back to Savannah's house where the rest of my friends were. I thought since they hadn't smoked they would help me calm down. Carah saw me walk off so she followed me. I remember her saying "oh my god! it feels like I'm dreaming!" I realized I felt the same exact way and it scared the **** out of me. I started panicking & my heart started beating like crazy. My heart beats sounded so loud like everyone around me could hear it. I told Carah "I'm so scared. I'm really really scared." She kept asking why and I kept replying with "I don't know. But i'm really scared." She just kept laughing at me & I was really upset that she was laughing while I was freaking out. I kept telling her it wasn't funny & that I was still really scared. I even contemplated telling Savannah's parents to call an ambulance, but they didn't know we were smoking & I didn't want to disrespect or disappoint them. I was about to call my mom & tell her to pick me up and take me to a hospital, but instead I decided to go to one my friends that hadn't smoked.

I went to my friend Alexander so that he could help calm me down. He's the type of friend who's always in control & responsible, so he knew exactly what to do without freaking out or panicking. He kept telling me to breath in & out while counting. I was finally able to relax & come back to reality. My heart starting beating normally. At that point it felt like a normal weed high. I started getting the munchies & giggling. I was finally able to have a good time with everyone else.

It was a terrifying experience. Since then I've only done Klimax once, but I did it at home with my friends so I felt safe. I hallucinated a little bit, but I didn't freak out like the first time. Now I just stick to really potent weed lol
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i had just moved to this san antonio been here for a week withdrawing from heroin. so i decided to go downtown to look for it> I met this guy who said he would help me. So i decided to go with him. he pulls out a blunt and told me it was chronic. I was like okay i could use some to help with my withdrawals. I took a few big puffs and held it in for a very long time. A few minutes off i started to have trouble walking straight and he tried to help me walk straight with his arms around my shoulders. We're still walking untill we reached a traffic light. at that point i was scared shitless realizing that what i had smoked was not pot, it was too intense. I backed up from the guy and fell into the streets. I was too weak to move. Next thing I knew I was surrounded by people who i thought were undercover cops. I had my eyes closed most of the time so i didnt really know what was going on. I heard the guy said he gave me something to them so i though he was a cop too. I started screaming you drugged me. All i wanted was heroin! HEROIN!!! they tried to get information out of me but I just kept screaming HeROIN ALL I CARE ABOUT IS HEROIN!!!! HEROIN HEROINThen I had my bad trip I felt as if I was jesus but instead of being crucified I went Through death experinces after death experinces like hanging and being stabed or taking a bullet to a head. Constantly dying but not. that was crazy. imagine being torture over and over without dying. then an ambulance came by and the paramedics put me in the vehicle for a few until i came to. they offer me to drop me off by the house but I decided to get out where ever we were at because they wouldnt give me any opiate or morphine and i was still trying to fix. **** that klimax, i will never do it again. I met someone else later and told him bout my experince only to hear that this guy was trying to get me to overdose so that he could rob me. ****** up aint it. be careful in san antonio.

I'm 46 n been smoking since I was 12. Smoked Klimax for the first and same exact experience as everyone else. Problem is I love this ****!

Same thing happened to me... I felt really scared and couldn't control my heartbeat and I felt like I was sweating but after I calmed down and listened to some music it started to feel like a normal high.

I tripped out on this stuff back in May 2011 right when it came out. I didnt know what it was and I smoked it while driving on a major freeway with a buddy. I thought it would be like weed but it was nothing like it. He smoked two sweets within a 15 minute period. At first I was feeling good better then a weed higj but in about 5minutes my palms started getting sweaty and my arms started going numb, then my legs started getting numb and I started panking while driving on a busy freeway. My friend told me to pull over but I couldnt because my body was complety numb. I felt weird and I felt everything slowing down around me as if I was dying and my heart slowed down and head was really heavy. I was about to get out the car and run and flagged down a car or the ambulance behind me to help me but my buddy talked me out of it. Once I finally calmed down it took me about 5 hrs to get un high. That was the most scairest thing to this day I have expiernced in my life. For the next two years I would struggle with anxiety real bad and was diagnosed with a anxiety disorder and before this I never knew what anxiety was. Took numerous mri's and cat scans because I was having tension headaches everyday for about 5 months straight. But theu found nothing and said it was just fear and anxiety and prescribed me meds. I never took the meds because I felt that really it was just fear because this stuff had exposed me to a full blown anxiety. Long story short I have been doing good for the last 5 months and my anxiety levels have went down tremendously because my fear and stress levels have dropped I dont let fear take over me. This stuff is made to kill you man. Stay away from it please it will harm you and try to take you out of your right mind. Im just blessed I didnt od and was able to see my son be born a few months later. Its not worth brain damage or giving you anxiety and things of that nature! I thank God for bringing me through it and changing my life. Not trying to preach to anyone just had to share my story maybe I can help save someone from all the hurt it cost me for 3 years. May God bless you all and keep you im perfect peace and a sound mind! Peace

I just took this for the first time ever yesterday and this is EXACTLY how I felt but I couldn't explain it. It's truly like an outer body experience and I couldn't control myself and I did not like it. I caught myself just saying one word or sentence over and over for some reason and I thought my whole body was vibrating violently and I could hear my heart beats in my surrounding and I kept hearing a clicking noise. It was weird and I think I will definitely stick to kush now.

Synthetic marijuana is almost as addicting as meth and I've seen it drive people insane, make people brain dead, and cause people to have seizures. Don't smoke that **** it's not worth it. Smoke the mary jane, be happy c:

I got on here to c what health effectts long term use would cause but when I herd about this I never tried it I new a lot of ppl who did I had been a regular weed smoker and quit for almost a year we wher partying and my friend like hit this I said na boy I ain't smoking that fake **** then I was like fk it let me show u how its done I took one big hit he Sid calm dwn I took another his voice slowed dwn like a screw tape and said ite strawberry son sting **** I instantly felt fker up rubbing my hands together looking at all the ppl around me talking I was on it heart beating for a split second I Thor about running lmao but I was like calm dwn its just tha chronic ten minute later it was like a regular high but klumax is not for the weak if it had been regular Joe they would proably freak tha hell out lol now if I smoke it couple hits and iam good prefer regular weed but klimax is fun at times idk if Iwant any my kids or younger ppl in family doing it herd a lot of bad about it

Ha ha ha the first time I smoked it I had fun I am a 100% klimax lover I wish I can find it again but it is not that bad but I makes u go crazy after a lil bit

Stay away from that synthetic garbage, IT'S NOT WORTH IT!

No I will not stay away and it is worth it

haha I LOVE reading peoples trip on klimax ! its funny , haha .. especially when im all klimaxed out it makes me laugh soo much !! it honestly depends what bag you get . theres allot of different flavors and they all have a different type of high.. I love getting the strawberry because that's the strongest one they have .. it really does make me trip especially if im by myself , I think someone is watching me and there gonna shoot me ! I feel my heart beating and it feels like im really in a movie but in a scary *** movie haha im in a way different zone then marijuana . klimax has different types of chemicals and the main one is incent (that stick that makes your house smell good) im just going to say this "if your knocking on the devils door just expect an answer and its NOT gonna be the answer u wanted to hear" you will trip out but everybody has a different trip.

I can tell you that you did that to yourself to a point. I have been smoking it for years off and on and i know how bad it can get. the very first time you use that stuff will make you SUPER HIGH and i know what you mean about that. People naturally fear what they do not understand and because of that you had a panic attack and freaked out. What is so bad about this crap is that it last a quarter as long as good weed and the side effects from this crap is not worth it. You get more bad things from this than good. This product weakens your resolve. Over time you lose control of your stomach, like you can cough so hard it makes you wanna puke but this time you cannot control your nausea, you get agitated 2 times worse than what ciggs would do to you, and you stop sleeping without it. This stuff will make you make stupid decisions as well that you would NEVER do before. It becomes VERY addictive more than people even realize. Before you know it you will start spending TONS of cash on this crap. If you run out of money, this stuff will make you wanna go pawn everything just to get that high again. On top of all that as most people know your body usually can adapt to what it is consuming and get uses to it so to speak. Another words the effects will shorten over time to where it only lasts 10 min now. Before you know it you will be smoking a 10g bag every freakin day. This all happend to me. I am now clean off of this stuff after 2 years of smoking it. This stuff is not worth it and will ruin your life. Stick to weed! That stuff never killed anyone :-)