V-day Jinx

i had my worst valentine's day ever yesterday. i have been in real relationships but honestly i have never experienced a real date on valentines day. maybe that's why it has become a frustration to actually try to be dined and wined by someone special. i am a romantic at heart and have always been very loving, giving my best to express my love. but my exes were either very busy, or something bad happens in a city where i'm in (like terrorist attacks etc) and we end up having regular unspecial dinner at home on valentines day. i got to thinkin that maybe i am a v-day jinx because u always seem to have bad luck every feb14. well i thought things would get better when my last bf of 6 yrs left me last yr. this year, i didn't have a boyfriend but i fell in love with a man i met online. i thought maybe my luck will change on valentines day as he told me he will be online for me, so we could talk. he didn't permit me to go out with my single friends as he said single night out is a big lie. so basically we are bf/gf status. then my worst fear happened. he stood me up. So i ended up ditchin' my friends, dinner, and fun while i sit all night waiting for him to be there.. and much worse he never even left offlines to explain why he did not come as promised. i was stupid to believe he didnt have a date last night, i know but i love him and was willing to sacrifice alot for him. now i am in misery and i am torn between loving him or leaving completely. i even ditched law class (which i haven't skipped once since i got in 2 years ago) so yeah i'm a mess. and it was definitely the illest v-day to date. :(
robles23 robles23
26-30, F
Feb 15, 2011