My Wife Is Averse to Sex....

So living in a marriage where sex is not allowed... makes for a bad Valentine Day.
Let's see this one coming up will make the 4th devoid of physical affection (sex).
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If you "think" and "know" it aint gonna happen, it wont happen....come on ladies, every man has a kink of some sort or another....find it, and you wont look back...try the Tarty look ...that seems to work wonders for most men....and if it doesn't get rid...why should you go without, because HIS guns aren't loaded....:)

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Yea, I guess you can't understand without standing in my shoes.

I do not understand what you are doing in the relationship, if you do not have sex! Intimacy is the fundamental basis of good relationship. Either rethink your relationship or go for couseling!

Oh that's got to be tops in "sting factor" rejection... It could only be worse by the 14th also being the anniversary of when you two met.<br />
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I feel even worse for you than I do myself, CC.

I know exactly how you feel...well try this one.... My anniversary is on VALENTINES DAY..and I've been married for ten yrs now...I always want to look forward to some kind of *lovin* that night, but I know it isnt going to happen. so.. that puts me in a BAD mood!!! and on our FIRST anniversary..we went a nice hotel.. stayed for the weekend...and NOT ONE TIME did he TOUCH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could of killed him! I felt like CRAP!!! I was sooo mad and sooo dissappointed too.. but ya, its like that every valentines day..but what makes it worse is that it is our anniversary too. SUCKS!!!!!