Such Guilt

I spent this past Valentine's Day with my boyfriend. He's great. He's really nice to me, he's accepting, he's caring... He's wonderful. There's a problem, though. I'm a lesbian. I don't know why I did it. I'm so ashamed. Maybe I just wanted to feel "normal" for a bit. Maybe one of my personalities actually does love him. I felt so guilty the whole day because as I held his hand I was thinking of her.
PyroPyrate PyroPyrate 18-21, F 10 Responses May 10, 2011

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Still on the same guy since last year? Or you have moved on and with a gal by now? If not geez you are definitely straight after all ;-)

That is... Possibly the worst scenario... I'm so sorry about that :(

Its better than spending Valentines day or in my case your "birthday" finding out that your first love cheated on you, and your best friend died in a car accident.

Oh I certainly will not do that lol and thank you for that ♥ It just sucks that I'm so shy because I've been putting off breaking up with him for about a month now XD

((Hugs)) You can't help the way you feel. I've learnt for myself that you are who you are.

Embrace it, enjoy it, and above all be true to yourself.

Don't go too far down a road that's not for you.............I think you know what I mean :)

One of my personalities is an FTM so I know how you feel. Are you FTM or MTF?

I was a "Best Man" twice, and a "God Father" twice - you only get one God father if you are a girl, and these both were; and I'm Trans! How bad is that :(

Thank you, though.

I guess so, I just hate lying and hiding.

If you both had a good time, don't beat yourself up over it. Better for both of you than being alone on Valentine's Day? x