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Never Had A Valentine

I'm 21, and I have never had a guy in my life to call his valentine. I never had a romantic experience on valentines or been asked to be a valentines and every time I have a boyfriend seems like they care less about the day and think that I have no care about it. But deep down I do care. Just for once I would love to go to a cute diner or in a quiet restaurant and get red roses or chocolate. I love flowers and I don't mind which ones I get, but at least I would love to feel special for that day. I don't even mind if me and my boyfriend have ice cream and watch a romantic movie. Feels like maybe the problem is me and I'm just being a spoiled brat.
greaserdoll greaserdoll 18-21, F 4 Responses Jan 31, 2012

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maybe you should trow him hints say stuff or even come up to him and ask him to help you to make plaNS for that day
if you show no interest he wont either so bring it up he cant read your mind

He knows i love sweet stuff like that he didnt show interest on our 2 year togetherbut hes trying to making it up now because yesterday i broke up with him

well thats the time you tell him what he did wrong or what he didnt do... gud luck

You are not being a spoiled brat! You deserve to be treated like a lady!

He doesny do that or maybe he spent his money on someone else

Why do you stay with him if be treats you like that?

Im trying to figure out how to break it off without him getting very mad

There is no way to do it without someone getting hurt. You could just tell him him your relationship is going nowhere and you want to move on with your life.

That one ive been thinking about and so far its the best one

You don't want to hurt a guy who does not seem to be concerned about your feelings. Is there anything good about your relationship with him? What is your sex life like?

I feel like our sex life is very great but i dont want to stay just for that

At least he can pleasure you sexually! I understand where you are coming from!

I rather have a man who loves me and nobody else. And him not to lie to my faceabout him loving me

I understand completely!

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**** i just had a depressin Vday... :/ i had my hopes up high... im not sure if the guy who "likes" me really feels about me... i guess cuz theres lack of communication... we were gonna do something but it got real dark liek at 5 and you'd have to be caught dead around here for walkin in pitch black around the geto.... you must be crazyy... **** ima blame the enviornment i live in.. alota girls been raped n walkin to mickey Ds in the dark to meet someone halfway is too much of a risk... smh... n now im starting to doubt that he cares... :/ this takes me back wen daddy sed he was comin but didnt.... i felt so stupid just sittin there waiting for him... things will never change.

I know how you feel I live in in the same environment. It really does suck. As in today all I got was a Happy Valentines Day from my boyfriend big freaking wow. I'm trying really hard not to get to me. My parents are even disapointed in him. I feel like crap I rather be single and not care about this day then to have a byfriend and having your hopes up high and at the end of the day you get nothing. Freakin sucks dude...

Aww i feel you :/

No, you are not being a spoiled brat, you are being a girl! We all want to FEEL loved and special. You deserve a sweet, thoughtful, romantic Valentine's Day with someone who loves you, adores you, cherishes you, and protects you! You will have this one day and for every Valentine's Day, you'll be honored.