He Broke Up With Me On Valentines Day. . Feb.14,2012

My valentines day is always bad in my past 3years relationship with my 1st bf valentines day is nothing to expect nothing to celebrate , now a few months ago I met someone who I think finally make my vday special he so great, so kind, so lovable so responsible he can do anything just to make me happy. . Yeah he make it special he broke up with me on valentines day our monthsary as well. . Now I'm in so much pain inside. . Crying to death!! Ive lost my faith in all men. .

After a few minutes he send this msg to me. . .

babe you are a wonderful person.you put up with me all the time. You have a good heart not only to me but your family.anyone is lucky to have you!
I can be still around.its that ok?
Am sorry again.its not about you.
Its me!!
missnolucky missnolucky
18-21, F
Feb 14, 2012