Can You Top My Bad Valentines Day??

I have a ex girl friend that in the past couple months has mental issues that we think is bipolar she has not gotten help for yet. She moved out cheated on me with another guy. This other guy is out to use her because he knows she has a problem and using her. We were going to buy a house and so we moved into her mothers house till then. She left me here and moved out. Night before Valentines day she came over and seemed like she was coming to realize that she needed help and she still loved me. She spent the night and had long talks about us and some of the things that are going on. I got her flowers candy and other stuff cost me around 180. I took a half day of work to come back and spend the day with her. We had alot of fun and did alot of things but..shes texting this other guy. This other guy i over hear him yelling at her and talking to her like a dog so i got on the phone with him and the cops had to be called because of me and this other guy. She took off . then later she calls me to come to her job where i sent the flowers she acted like nothing happened. I asked her when she got off work to come by her moms house she said she was going to come with me back there. She dove in back of me till the road that the other guy lives off of on the way to her moms house and turned down that. she called me as soon as i get back to her mom house and told me she was going to see that guy again. she hung up on me on the phone and I haven't talked to her since she hung up on me. She broke my heart and that was my valentines day.
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2 Responses Feb 14, 2012

I think I can top you. This was to be first valentine's with my current boyfriend. This will be his first valentine's minus his now ex-wife. She served him divorce papers two days after valentine's last year. Today also happens to be his youngest son's 5th birthday. We woke up this morning and celebrated his son's birthday with cupcakes, birthday cards, and valentine's day cards for both boys. He wanted to know when I'd get off work. He didn't want to take my valentine's card because he wanted us to do our valentine stuff tonight. Super, right? So around 10 this morning he sends me a text saying he totally forgot but he has plans with the ex to take the boys to dinner for his youngest's birthday. WHAT? Are you kidding me???? Well happy effing valentine's to me!

wow.. no comments someone please tell me they have it worse then me