Wtf? I Mean, Really??

Ok, so Valentine's Day was supposed to be great this year. I actually had someone who lived nearby to spend it with.  The night before, I bought gifts for him and he even made the comment that "There's no way I was going to get out of the date." The next morning comes, and I text him saying Happy Valentine's Day and mentioning that I can't wait to see him. He texts me back saying "oh ****" then he says that the Toyota car place called him saying his parts were in so he immediately made the appointment to allow his car to be fixed. I was so pissed. He later stated that also my gift hasn't arrived in the mail yet, but still!! I don't want a gift..all i wanted was to see him. We were staying in the same town that night, so I could have driven somewhere to pick him up or whatever. He texts me all of the time, we call and chat quite a bit, I spend 2-3 evenings with him during the week, and every part of the weekend is spent with him. So, I don't think he's with anyone else, and I know that I should trust him entirely, but it was friggin Valentine's Day! For once, can I spend a holiday with the one that I love?
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1 Response Feb 15, 2012

he should learn to take your feelings into consideration! the day meant a lot to you and you wanted the day to be special. he was so out of order!