A Really Bad Day.

Here is a bad valentines day. It was 1998 I was married for 11 years, I thought mostly happy so I didn’t see this coming. We had big plans dinner and a night out. I was going over the money and found there was thousands missing. When I asked her about it she didn’t seem worried about it and wanted to figure it out the next day .This was way out of character. After pressing the issue she finally told me that she was leaving me and that she used the money to set herself up elsewhere. She wasn’t going to tell me until after we had this nice night together. I was devastated and she left that hour. I let her go.

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3 Responses Jul 18, 2008

wow crazy to hear things like this do happen smh

Wow. How horrible for you. You must have been crushed. I'm happy you refound happiness.

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Wow, such an abrupt ending. I'm sorry for the timing of it. Your profile shows you as married, so you apparently found happiness in your current partner. I wish you a life of happiness together.<br />
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