an Atrocious V-day ... ...

an atrocious v-day ...

who hasn't had one of these?

an atrocious v-day makes no difference to me.  why would i care?  it's no different than a bad monday or a long friday in my book. 

it's a commercial holiday created by Hallmark or another that's supposed to be about 'Love' and relationships.  this holiday is not only PAGAN based, it's a historically, bloody massacre of a day.  why would anyone care to celebrate such?

shouldn't we show our feelings for those we care about and/or love on a daily basis?  why do we need one day a year set aside to do this?  i thought that's what anniversaries were for .?.?.?.

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3 Responses May 30, 2007

yeah i ****** hate how theyre so stuck up n fake n think they the **** just cuz they got these obnoxious balloons n parade the ****...

i agree!

yeah the scads of obnoxious flowers and hearts with nosey women hovering over the gloating and oh so proud women ... it's just gross ... the whole damn affair! ick!