Home-made Card

I didn't get anyone anything for v-day except for my son.  I made him a card.  I was kind of excited about giving it to him.  He looked at it and asked me what it said.  I read it to him.  He looked at it again and crumpled it up. 

eromreven eromreven
5 Responses Feb 14, 2009

aw, I'm sorry :( That's awful.

You're right...sometimes it's just hard to remember that it's not my job to be his best friend.

He's only 3, so yeah, he doesn't know any better. But it made me cry because I know that if it was from his father or one of his grandparents he would have liked it. Everyone just gives him what he wants and lets him get away with everything, except for me; I'm the only adult in his life who takes any responsibility for discipline. So I get to be the bad guy. It's really not fair.

Why did he crumple it up and a how old is this boy?

Aww. Is he under age 7? Little ones don't always "get" the social standards. And they are brutally honest.