Couldnt Enjoy It

i was and still am so sick  one of my eyes was swollen shut and my head was pounding

theluckyduck theluckyduck
31-35, M
11 Responses Feb 15, 2009


Well aren't you just one Lucky duck.....hehehehehe


Lol! And Waynes World too! :) It's good to be able to quote the classics.

mmmm shawing!

Of course we love you, Snookums. ;) xx

the ladies love me!

Aww, my Ducky isn't well? I'm sorry deary, it sounds like you need some serious cold medicine. Drink a lot of clear things, like sprite or jello, stay in bed, don't do any more than you really have to, and sleep a lot. Hugs honey, hope you feel better soon.

thanks yous two lol

valentines is for the card companies and florists anyway. sorry you are sick though. hurry up and feel better.