Smell The Flowers

I had a beautiful day today. my son was home from school and we shared the day together. We went to the nursery and bought flowers for all my pots and planter on my porch. Since I spend so much time alone at home, this is one thing besides my cat, dog and son that brings me joy. Tending my garden patch of vegetables, and my flowers all around my house. My neighbors comment on how pretty my house is I change the flowers each year. But today we picked them together, matching colors, contrasting and found my son has a knack for putting beautiful arrangements together in pots. What a wonderful gift!

The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, we have two sets of cardinals whose mates have come back, one set lives in the front yard in a big oak tree and one set lives in a huge pine tree in the back yard. We could hear them sing and chirp, the cat and dog wriggling on thier backs in the grass legs sprawled this way and that as they 'itched themselves in the stubby grass. It was so funny seeing them both do it. We worked all around the house and finished in the hosta garden. We moved plants and shared with a neighbor, and planted a few leftover starting annuals in her yard as a surprise. What a fun day. I loved being outside with my son. We talked about the vegetable garden and what all we had bought for that. Tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers but this year I am going to try watermelon and muskmelon too! We bought a beautiful planter that hangs on the back brick wall of my porch. That was my mothers day gift he said when I said I liked it. He talked my into buying my own present! LOL It is long scroll work and has a 3ft rectangle planter right in the .middle so we planted impatients and blue lobelia, It will be so pretty when it is filled in in a couple weeks. What a joyful day!!
passionateheart61 passionateheart61
46-50, F
May 11, 2012